July 25, 2008 word file


Marianne Densmore, Joyce Thurston, Cheryl Wheelock, Goodie Corriveau, Karen MacPhee, Brenda Delaney, Michelle Lee, Sylvia Wilcox, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

Minutes from the June 25, 2008 meeting approved

Program Committee (Goodie Corriveau)

  • So far no response from Blue Sky or King Arthur for fundraising
  • Might just buy $50 Blue Sky gift certificate
  • Ask for donations to raffle

Social Committee (Joyce Thurston)

Haven't begun planning Holiday Party yet

Craft Fair (Karen MacPhee for Barb Krieger)

  • 12 deposits so far
  • DCLSA entered bake sale and craft table as a hold


  • Constitution Working Group:
    - Karen and Cheryl have volunteered
    - Need to discuss possible changes
    - Library has approved the idea to make changes
    - Danada Dinsmore: working on drafts for different positions, almost like an official job description
  • Marketing Committee:
    - Talk to Bill Ghezzi (Karen) since he does some of this for us anyway
  • Program Committee:
    - Should we expand the committee?
    - Work on coordinating with other committees>
    - Goodie: not too interested in this approach, would rather just ask people to help when needed
    - Budget for programming? This would be helpful when trying to plan programs - $200/year should be plenty
    - Would like to be able to offer something as thanks to presenters
    - Voted on by committee: Passed
  • Review Budget:
    - Wait until Barb Bushor comes back from leave since she is really familiar with the budget
  • Event Timing:
    - Think about when actual events are planned to think of ways to make them more accessible to as many as possible (covering desks, etc.)
  • Webpage Working Group:
    - Kathleen Kidd is stepping away
    - Security part was an issue, might present an obstacle to users
    - ASRT (Access Services Round Table) site, use as a model? Marcia is looking at this, needs input on content
    - Michelle Lee volunteered to help
  • Budget for Awards Banquet: (Marianne Densmore)
    - Hand out gift cards? Blue Sky and/or Borders?
    - E-mail honorees and ask their preferences
    - Catered lunch/buffet
    - September 11, 2008 from 12-2pm, 1902 room
    - DLG bookplate awards along with other awards?