June 25, 2008 word file


Cheryl Wheelock, Pat Morris, Michelle Lee, Marianne Densmore, Sylvia Wilcox, Marcia Pirone, Goodie Corriveau, Karen MacPhee, Danada Dinsmore, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

  • May meeting minutes approved
  • Spring meeting minutes approved


  • Marcia will be the new webmaster
    - she will build on Kathleen's page, or explore other options, brainstorm on ideas
  • Karen on leave beginning of November for 3 months
  • Cheryl on vacation the whole month of December

New Business

  • EBA's had 97 attendees, cost = $860, very well attended
    - Marianne: may be more well received than Holiday Party and cheaper and easier to plan
    - ideas on what to do differently for those who can't attend (Storage, MFLB, shipping/receiving have hardest time)
  • Cheryl: thoughts on discontinuing Holiday Party?
    - many ideas have been brought up before:
    - cookies and cocoa and gift cards
    - have it sometime in January instead
    - it's a lot of work, still get complaints
  • Cheryl: birthday recognition? (send an email?)
    - some people are really against birthday recognition, bad feelings if someone is forgotten
  • Face page on website?
    - could also have info: favorite book, hobbies, etc.
  • Danada: We should take a look at the DSLSA: strengths, weaknesses, goals for the coming year


  • We have money and a budget
  • Scholarship program
  • Mission
  • Welfare Committee
  • Service awards
  • Support from library management
  • Program committee
  • Mix in board of experience


  • Promoting activities (should a marketing sub-group be formed?)
  • Documentation of group: what do we do? (“job descriptions”)
  • Historical records


  • Marketing
  • Reviewing constitution
  • Web page
  • Observe After Hours programs and connect
  • Table at Craft Fair this year
  • Acknowledge birthdays?
  • Budget for program and social committees
  • Bake sale at Craft Fair


  • Events
    - EBA's: timing and including everyone
  • Holiday Party
  • Money and budget issues
  • Marketing for fundraising
  • Marketing for scholarships
  • Marketing: publicizing events and ourselves