April 23, 2008 word file


Danada Dinsmore, Phyllis Gilbert, Sylvia Wilcox, Marianne Densmore, Barb Krieger, Goodie Corriveau, Chris Curtis, Pat Morris, Karen McPhee, Julie McIntyre, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

March meeting minutes approved.

Committee and Other Reports

  1. Crafts Fair (Barb Krieger)
    • $425 to rent Collis common ground because we are a “non-profit”
    • Other alternatives: Hop & Alumni Hall, no fee except set up costs, guesstimate less than $200
      - date is on tentative hold
      - downsides: no parking for unloading, not on the way to anything which will cut down on student traffic.
      - upsides: bigger, possibly have more vendors
    • No extra money from administration to help with cost of Collis
    • Danada: there has been a huge increase in scholarship payouts, so we need this fundraiser
    • Goodie: have a raffle or something to raise funds to pay for Collis
    • Group voted to keep the craft fair in Collis and do a fund raiser, Marianne volunteered to organize
    • Barb Krieger believes that this issue will have to be revisited in the future, reason for such a price increase is that administration wants Collis to be for student activities only
  2. Social Committee (Marianne, Joyce not present)
    • EBA’s: $881 based on 110 people, includes buffet, soup & salad bar + tax and gratuity
    • Need a headcount, estimate about 100
    • Have at the end of May, beginning of June
    • Need a week/week and a half notice for EBA’s
  3. Welfare (Julie McIntyre)
    • two plants
    • Received request for flowers for Lisa Ladd’s son, but guidelines say staff not family
    • Acknowledge staff out on family leave? Issue of where to draw the line
    • Group agrees that guidelines are ok and should be followed
  4. Program (Goodie Corriveau)
    • Baseball activity didn’t happen
    • College sponsored tunnel tours in the Spring
    • Raffle at EBA’s pizza lunch, Blue Sky Group and King Arthur are usually generous, L.L. Bean tote
      - Pat Morris volunteered to help at tables
    • Karen: idea for another tour, maybe of Kresge murals in Geography dept.
  5. Scholarship (Danada Dinsmore)
    • New form to fill out (better organized, fits on one page), on website as PDF
    • Four $40 for health & fitness
  6. Treasurers Report (Danada for Barb Bushor)
    • $3,000 left, $1,500 for Spring event, $1,000 EBA’s.
    • Usually try and save a little for the following year (amount varies)

Other Business

  1. Elections (Karen McPhee)
    • Still collecting nominations
    • Nominations close Monday, start tallying and notifying
  2. Awards Luncheon (Danada Dinsmore)
    • Marianne: 1902 room is booked Sept. 11 (Thursday), day after All-Staff Meeting
    • Book plate program to honor employee milestones (idea from Peter Collins)
      - details will be done by Liz Kirk and Judy Maynes, would like to hand out during awards lunch
      - DCLSA doesn't have to organize or pay for, they just want to share time
      - Karen: Are they doing this retroactively?
      - Danada: gather questions and issues, email to Karen
  3. Spring Meeting (Danada Dinsmore)
    • In constitution that we should have one
    • We have issues to vote on: cleaning of staff room ($60/month), no secure online voting currently
    • attendance was up last year
    • opportunity to promote DCLSA
    • usually held first week of June, after elections
    • have about $500 for it
    • to close to EBA's?
    • Danada: we should hold the meeting
      - Where to have it? Need to pick a day and a room