March 7, 2008  word file


Goodie Corriveau, Chris Curtis, Pat Morris, Lisa Maxfield, Marianne Densmore, Sylvia Wilcox, Joyce Thurston, Mina Rakhra, Danada Dinsmore, Barb Krieger, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

November meeting minutes approved


Lisa Ladd resigned as Social Committee Chair, no current chair
Bill Ghezzi resigned as Member at Large
Barb Bushor is taking a leave of absence starting at the beginning of May, need someone to fill in
Kathleen Kidd is working on the website, content is still being loaded.

  • Need to set up an account to contribute, can view everything without an account
  • What do we want on the site? Security? Who will be responsible for maintaining the sections (minutes, events, etc.)?
  • Chris: hide login to not scare people away thinking they have to login
  • Mina: post a notice instead of hiding login completely. Hiding until needed might make things confusing.


Social Committee: Joyce Thurston

Have money to do a Spring outing if we want, have about $1,000 - $2,000.
Different from Spring Meeting
Pizza lunch at EBA’s, very successful in the past, not expensive. Just need to pick a date, stick with a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Welfare Committee: Goodie Corriveau

4 bereavements, 1 bouquet (baby girl), 1 get well plant for surgery.

Programs: Goodie Corriveau

Jan. 31st: Fran Oscadal’s Africa talk had 27 people attend, received positive feedback
Spring event: Dartmouth baseball game? April 27th vs. UVM at 3:30pm (check to see if it’s free)
Couple of requests for the tunnel tour again

Scholarship: Danada Dinsmore

Fall: four $40, two $120; Winter: three $40; Spring: one $40. $560 total since fall term started.

New Business


  1. Marketing Committee: responsible for helping to promote DCLSA events
    • Do we need this?
    • E-mails for volunteers works good
    • No, for now.
  2. Elections: happen in May when Spring Meeting is done
    • How to deal with nominations
    • Have a Spring meeting? There is a fee to reserve the room
      Combine with All Staff Meeting, just need a few minutes
      Marianne to volunteer to give the announcement
    • Need volunteers
    • Barb Krieger will send out e-mail with open positions, 1 year commitment, ask for volunteers, then nominate people
    • Contact people who are nominated, ask if they want to serve
    • DLTG has helped make e-ballot in the past
    • Karen as VP will be involved
    • Pat Morris volunteered to help contact nominees in April
  3. Spring Event: EBA’s
  4. Holiday Cookbook:
    • Recipes from those who brought in goodies
    • Karen McPhee was working on this
    • On the web, integrate with DCLSA
  5. Spring Meeting:
    • Get on agenda of All-Staff, then we won’t need a separate meeting
    • Replace with Spring event
    • Need a way to announce officers, send out e-mail (All-Staff in June?)


Final Note

Barb Krieger: Craft Fair will be November 21st