November 7, 2007 word file


Marianne Densmore, Sylvia Wilcox, Danada Dinsmore, Goodie Corriveau, Karen McPhee, Barb Krieger, Barb Bushor, Pat Morris, Lisa Ladd, Melissa Hutson (Recorder)

Old Business

  • September Meeting minutes approved

Treasurer’s Report (Barb Bushor)

  • ~$800 spent on scholarships, fitness reimbursement is up. Need to consider possibility of running out of funds, what to do? (money from craft fair)
  • Budget: set amount for program committee?
  • holiday party: Council on Libraries will help pay: invitations, their share of the food
  • Programs: approx. $250
  • Approx. $500 staff kitchen fund, get funds from main office instead of DCLSA?

Social Committee (Lisa Ladd)

  • Holiday Party:
    • Thursday Dec. 13th, 2-4, Tower Room. Chocolate fountain with fruit, angel food cake.
    • Cheese platters ($1200 Blood’s), purchasing hot pots for coffee.
    • We pick up crackers, sheet cakes, punch, and ask for contributions of food.
    • $2250 total, budgeted $2500 just in case.

Craft Fair (Barb Krieger)

  • Friday November 16, 10-4 in Collis. 28 vendors.


  • Julie out sick.

Program Committee (Goodie Corriveau)

  • Last program: Guild of Bookworkers
  • January: Fran Oscadal: trip to Africa presentation, daughter is in the Peace Corps.

Scholarship Committee (Danada Dinsmore)

  • Continue offering entire $120 at once for yearly gym membership? Or pull back, and require to submit each term, $40 at a time?
  • Right now, we give all at once
  • Wait and see what the rest of the year brings?

New Business

  • Marketing Committee proposal: inform new employees about all library committees they can join