September 28, 2007 word file


Barb Krieger, Goodie Corriveau, Danada Dinsmore, Pat Morris, Marianne Densmore, Lisa Ladd, Sylvia Wilcox, Joyce Thurston, Bill Ghezzi, Mina Rakhra, Karen MacPhee, Chris Curtis, Melissa Hutson(Recorder)

Old Business

  • Minutes of July 12, 2007 meeting formally approved.

Committee Reports

  • SCHOLARSHIP (Danada Dinsmore)
    • Summer: 8 total; 7 athletic, 1 arts
    • Fall: 3 total; 2 athletic, 1 educational
    • Total of $560
  • WELFARE (Goodie Corriveau)
    • From July to the present: flowers were given for a wedding and a surgery, the Visiting Nurses Association of VT and NH was given a donation for a death, and a donation was given to a church for the death of a father-in-law.
  • CRAFTS FAIR (Barb Krieger)
    • Will occur on November 16th, there are 26 people signed up, will send out a request for assistance in the beginning of November.
  • PROGRAM (Goodie Corriveau)
    • The campus tour of new green construction had 12 participants and visited the Kemeny Hall/Haldeman Center, Fahey Hall (Tuck Mall residence hall), and the new dorms by the Med School.
    • Next event: Thursday, October 11th at 11:30 Stephanie Wolff and Deborah Howe will give a talk on the book arts/conservation exhibit currently in the Baker Main Hall.
    • Request made for possible Halloween ideas.
  • SOCIAL (Lisa Ladd)
    • Comments for the awards ceremony in September have all been positive. Happy with Co-op catering service.
    • Discussion of Holiday Party: issues & ideas
      -lighter fare or full meal? Brunch? Salads & appetizers?
      -cocktail type party, not have people sitting at tables = encourage mingling
      -1902 Room is only coded for 40 people, issues with Conferences & Events, use Novack as a possibility? What spaces can legally hold ~250 people?
      -keep party simple since there are already so many parties
      -no Holiday Party and instead do something some other time of year, i.e. cookies and cocoa right before vacation, then spend money on a Spring picnic or more on the Awards banquet
      -Chris: hold a dessert contest (sign up in advance)
      -Lisa: Committee will come up with a proposal, formal announcement (“Holiday Open House”) to other library departments to get input.

Future of the DCLSA discussion

  • Goodie: loosen up the structure, less meetings
  • Karen: do more emphasizing of staff, have info on new people, retires (fill out questionnaire), have employee profiles.
  • Lisa: keep as an association?
  • Danada: there is trouble filling slots, keeping people participating. Advantage of a committee: people are placed on a committee, eliminates elections, president, vice-president; instead have chair and co-chair.
  • Lisa: association is good because we have an individual budget, instead of elections ask who wants to volunteer. Loosen structure, make it seem less intimidating.
  • Danada: We would have an ex-officio member with a committee, would not lose budget.
  • Lisa: Might be able to share resources more?
  • Barb: Can we raise money for a committee?
  • Bill: Get Laura Thompson to come to a meeting in a few months and answer questions, give info on the advantages/disadvantages of being a committee
  • Lisa: Give new employees info on the variety of committees so that they know they can join.
  • Barb: How much can we loosen the structure and still do what we do?
  • Lisa: Ongoing dialog with Bob Campe: we can radically redesign our constitution then go back and revisit, or re-do constitution.
  • Goodie: Would be nice to have 10-15 minutes of All Staff Meeting twice a year to give updates/make requests. Good idea to also utilize online voting.
  • Lisa: Administration is willing to work with us.

Website issues

  • Danada: have an interactive website and a section just for the Board. Issues with permissions so that not everybody could put just anything on the site. Two interactive areas: 1 for Board, 1 for everyone
  • Mina: what do we expect from the website, decide what we want and then choose an appropriate path
  • Danada: Kathleen Kidd is re-doing the current site to make it interactive
  • Pat: see what Kathleen offers, then make changes if necessary
  • Chris: Can she e-mail screenshots?