July 12, 2007 word file


Marianne Densmore, Phyllis Gilbert, Barb Krieger, Karen MacPhee, Lisa Ladd, Danada Dinsmore, Sylvia Wilcox, Pat Morris, Barb Bushor, Julie McIntyre, Goodie Corriveau, Mina Rakhra, Chris Curtis, Kathleen Kidd, Melissa Hutson(Recorder)


  • Barb Bushor: Budget for upcoming year will be $7,000.00

Committee Reports

  • Social
    • Lisa Ladd said she is the new chair for the committee. Members are Joyce Thurston, Marianne Densmore, and Sylvia Wilcox.
    • Awards Banquet will be held on Sept. 11th, there will be 18 awardees
    • Tentatively chosen Lou's for catering, Chris mentioned another possible caterer from Concord, it was mentioned to ask Julie Blain for info
    • Certificates and gift cards to Borders/Dartmouth Bookstore, amounts will be $1/year of service, will also be handed out
  • Program
    • Goodie brought up the idea of a summer fundraiser for the Peace Corps (specifically need funds for mosquito netting), in the discussion that followed that while everyone was sympathetic to the needs of the Peace Corps, holding a fund raiser specifically for the Peace Corps would set a precedent for action that could not be maintained.
    • Next Goodie mentioned doing another Library Tour, the steam vents tour has been popular. Would like to do either new construction or new green construction going on around campus. The new greenhouse at the organic farm was mentioned as a possible idea. Tour would possibly be between Summer and Fall terms.
    • Danada brought up Jeff Horrell's request to have a volunteer fair in the Baker Berry main hall. College already does something like this for the students in Collis, ideas were to combine ours with theirs or change location of other fair to Baker. Need to clarify with Jeff, Karen MacPhee will look into this idea.
  • Scholarships
    • Danada said that the number of scholarship requests seems to be going up since making changes to broaden the previous one scholarship per activity to allow multiple $40 scholarships for activities that cover more than one term - still 3 scholarships ($120) max per academic year.


  • There was a discussion about budget funds that are used to pay for the cleaning of the Baker Berry staff room. DCLSA spends $60 a month to pay someone to clean it, comes out to about 11% of annual budget. It was agreed that this is a lot considering the cost of other function is rising, i.e. Holiday Party and Awards Banquet and the budget has not been increased in several years. Barb Krieger agreed to draft a proposal for public vote on whether to take this expense out of the budget. Concerns of how to keep the staff room clean if DCLSA stops paying were also brought up.