February 21 2007


Julie Blain, Christopher Curtis, Danada Dinsmore, Lisa Ladd, Julie McIntyre, Karen MacPhee (Recorder)

Reports from Committees

  • Welfare
    Julie Mcintyre reported several donations made in memory of loved ones, and flowers sent by the DCLSA. A total of $692.62 has been spent on welfare this FY.
  • Scholarship
    Danada reported a total of 8 scholarships @ $40.00 were presented this FY for a total of $320.00. 4 atheletic, 2 arts/atheletics combo, 1 academic, 1 arts.
  • Program Chair
    Goodie was not present, but reported to Lisa that the Valentine Card-making workshop was a big success with somewhere around 30 people participating. Future activities are forthcoming.
  • Treasurer
    Total income for this fiscal year so far has been $9003.15. Total expenses have been $7,704.69, leaving a balance of just $1,298.46 for the rest of the FY to include projected expenses of cleaning the Baker/Berry staff room and retirements totaling $640.00. Expenses have been for cleaning and cleaning supplies, donations, food, awards ceremony, holiday party, labor expenses, staff reitrement/departures, scholarships, and supplies.


There was discussion about having a Spring event sponsored by the DCLSA, but there will likely not be the funds to have lunch at EBA's or something similar.

Looking into who is the owner of the DCLSA blitzmail account so that the group list can be updated. Current practice is to access the DCLSA's blitzmail and personal list within that account to email DCLSA members.

Discussed timeline for elections, and poster designed by Christopher. Christopher will either send finalized poster to Julie Blain or print out at Dana and send copies to departments/liasons for routing and posting.

Several DCLSA vacancies will need to be filled, including president, vice president, and members at large. Additionally, a social chair is needed, as is a liasion for Jones Media Center.

Upcoming Elections Timeline

Call for nominations by April 10th
Close nominations by April 24th
Post election ballots by May 8th
Close elections May 15th.
Hold DCLSA general meeting and present results

Julie Blain will investigate times and places to hold meeting, keeping in mind that June is a busy month on campus with graduation, reunions, etc. This meeting will likely have refreshments, but not on a very large scale.