January 19, 2007


Goodie Corriveau , Christopher Curtis, Marianne Densmore, Lisa Ladd, Karen MacPhee, Julie McIntyre


  • Welfare Committee : Julie McIntyre
    It was requested that liaisons inform the Welfare Committee as soon as possible when a life changing event occurs. Events have not been reported until months after and this can be an awkward situation especially if it's in honor of a loved one's passing.
  • Crafts fair
    The 2006 Craft fair yielded a $1200 contribution for the Scholarship fund! Thank you to all who helped make this a success and to Barb Krieger who has already booked Collis for Friday November 16th 2007 for this year's event.
  • Program: Goodie Corriveau
    Goodie has taken the initiative and booked the next program event... Everyone is invited to attend the Book arts workshop to make a Valentine's Day card for that someone special or you can make it for yourself!

    "Make a Valentine's Day Card in the Book Arts Workshop"
    Wednesday, February 7
    Book Arts Workshop, Baker Room 21-23
    It takes less than a minute and is a fun way to meet other staff.

    Also: the Program Committee doesn't have DCLSA appropriations. Following a brief discussion it was agreed that $15.00 is a reasonable amount for Goodie to use her judgment in giving a small token of appreciation for those that lead tours, talks, etc.

Upcoming Elections

  • In an attempt to get a jump start on this year's elections and to fill our vacant VP slot Chris has drafted a DCLSA Election poster (which is what everyone has been getting notices about). Another newly vacant slot is the Jones Media Liaison. If anyone would like to volunteer or recommend someone for this position to fill until the annual elections this spring please send a name or have that person Blitz DCLSA. Participation is needed by staff to support this staff-run organization.


Secretary: Marianne Densmore