July 13, 2006


  • Introduction of New Board Members:
    • Lisa Ladd- President
    • John Cocklin- Vice President
    • Julie McIntyre- Welfare Committee
    • Marianne Densmore- Secretary
    • Julie Blain- Treasurer
    • Barb Krieger- Crafts Fair Coordinator
    • Goodie Corriveau- Program Committee
    • Danada Dinsmore- Scholarship Fund
    • Pat Morris- Member at Large/Paddock
    • Phyllis Gilbert- Member at Large/Kresge
    • Karen MacPhee-Member at Large/Kresge
    • Chris Curtis- Member at Large/Dana
    • Penny Tyson- Member at Large
    • Nancy Markee- Liason/Jones Media
    • Social Committee- in transition
    Kathleen Kidd has updated our Website and Danada is now listed as Scholarship chair.


  • Crafts Fair – Barb Krieger
    Mailings went out to 40 vendors. Crafts fair date is set as November 17th 2006 at Collis. Goodie will be helping with publicity. Posters/flyers will need to be distributed and volunteers needed. Barb will be soliciting for vendors if spots need to be filled. $10 to reserve a space, 15% of sales to scholarship fund.
  • Program Committee- Goodie Corriveau
    A tour of the steam tunnels that are under the campus is in the works—update to follow. If it goes through, the tours will happen before Labor Day. Hard hats are mandatory and comfortable shoes should be worn.

    Awards Banquet: A volunteer committee: Lisa, John, Barb Bushor, Goodie, Marianne, Julie.
    The date will be September 12th, 2006. 1902 Rm.
  • Upcoming Events
    A request to start planning the Holiday Party was put into place; ideas for the event were discussed. More discussion planned for next meeting.

    Lisa will be out for eight weeks during which time John will be acting President.