June 29, 2005 word file


Art Hanchett, Goodie Corriveau, Barbara Krieger, Lisa Ladd, Barbara Bushor, Marianne Densmore, Sean Padgett, Kerrie Bushway, Jill Wilcox


  • Jill was hoping to use anonymous web form voting, but time constraints required falling back on sending a Blitz to the DCLSA
  • Election results will be announced at Spring Meeting (suggested “Semi-Annual Meeting” as a more appropriate name)
  • Meeting is tentatively scheduled for the last week of August; Tuesday a.m.?
  • Jill will get nominations out on July 14th and allow 2 weeks for voting
  • Up for nomination: Vice-President, 4 Member-At-Large (2 2-year terms and 2 3-year terms), Recorder
  • Prompted discussion of the Recorder still called Secretary in the constitution; in order to make the change, it will need to be voted on in a separate ballot from the DCLSA nominations; Sean is going to send it out

Crafts Fair

  • Far ahead in the future, but planned for November 18

Development Committee (Lisa Ladd)

  • committee is working on arranging HAP programs that are library-specific, and brown bag lunch lecture series
  • volunteer lecturers preferred, since committee does not have funds set aside for programs

Sean called meeting adjourned