April 27, 2005 word file


Lisa Ladd, Art Hanchett, Barb Bushor, Barb Krieger, Miriam Corriveau, Julie McIntyre; Sean Padgett, Jill Wilcox, Marianne Densmore, Kerrie Bushway

Cultural Potluck (Art Hanchett, Diversity Committee)

  • Requesting $150 in DCLSA funds to cover beverages; after much discussion, a vote was taken and the funds were agreed to – to not spend more than $150.
  • Choice of location narrowed down to Collis, Novack, or the East Courtyard off Novack
  • Time of event perhaps during June interim
  • Administration is behind this effort
  • Library and student staff, support staff will be invited
  • Much discussion evolved around: will DCLSA support other groups in future instead of their own goals? Decided Bob Campe should attend a meeting to address this issue.
  • there was a suggestion to revisit bylaws regarding funding of events.

Semi-Annual Meeting

  • possible date: during the term, the second week of July.
  • possible venue: Silsby, Rocky

Spring Event Proposal

  • lunch buffet at EBAs at $7.99/person, estimated cost would be $760
  • held sometime in the last 2 weeks of June
  • a web-sign up like the Holiday Party was suggested


  • Jill suggested to vote by web to address lack of anonymity by voting via Blitz