March 24, 2005 word file


Sean Padgett, Art Hanchett, Barb Bushor, Karen MacPhee, Lisa Ladd, Goodie Corriveau, Julie McIntyre, Kerrie Bushway

Voluntary officer and standing committee reports

  • Lisa Ladd (Staff Training Development Committee): possibly use this committee as a vehicle to make announcements for workshops, lunch talks, etc.
  • Goodie Corriveau (Scholarship update): 14 given out; mainly for fun, fitness, and academic pursuits – from fitness classes to a cooking class.

Diversity Committee

Art Hanchett proposed a cultural potluck luncheon co-sponsored by the Diversity Committee and DCLSA sometime this spring; possible locations are front lawn of library, with rain locations nearby; many people who were approached about the idea of sharing their ethnic food were enthusiastic about it; but some considerations are:
  • planning: especially when to do it, with graduation, reunions, etc. through June, then vacations throughout summer
  • organization: what Diversity Committee will do, what DCLSA will do
  • funding: how much will it cost, and where will the money come from? Art was going to figure out those details.
  • will this be done in addition to the usual “Spring Event”, or take its place? People still asking about “when we’ll do China Moon again.”

Spring Meeting Planning

Again, because of scheduling throughout summer, the spring meeting could possibly be in August.

Suggestions for spring & summer events

  • A survey was proposed using to find out what library staff would like to do for fun events
  • Taking a bus down to Fenway for a baseball game was suggested; it was decided that would need a full board meeting vote.

Meeting adjourned.