April 22, 2004 word file

Microwave (Baker)

  • Two new microwaves were purchased to replace the big old microwave in the Baker-Berry Staff room, which recently broke
  • Money for some appliances in the various library staff rooms comes from a DCLSA maintenance account. Each associate library is authorized up to $100 per year, and Baker-Berry Library (being the largest and most heavily used) has never had a set amount for appliances.

Luncheon May 4

  • All organized
  • Who’s signed up is on the web site
  • One more reminder will go out
  • People will get a confirmation on when they signed up to go

Spring Meeting

  • Elections need to be done before Spring Meeting
  • Meeting will be after term ends
  • Late May elections should be held
  • Meeting will probably be in Colis or Silsby – Jill will determine
  • Jill does great job of organizing -- seconded and conferred

New Business

  • Scholarships: are there people to help?
  • Sean will pursue

Program Committee Chair

  • Lisa Ladd is willing to take over, but we need to present it to the group to see if there are any other interested persons
  • Usually board appoints to fill a vacancy if mid-year, then it goes up for election the next time they are held
  • Art will blitz to include everyone

Meeting Times

  • Sean would like monthly meetings scheduled
  • Will implement this after elections
  • No one time everyone is free
  • Art targeted lunch times due to flexibility, but administration has supported holding meetings on work time
  • Cycling schedule might accommodate different people each month

Minutes from last meeting

  • Sean will relay to Peter

Open Floor

  • Maple Sugaring event was well received; about 200 people from Dartmouth went (students, staff from across campus)

Meeting adjourned