November 20, 2003 word file

Begin: 1:00 p.m.

Discussion on the decision to invite the Council on Libraries

  • When was decision made?
    - A week before when Art and Richard met.
  • Why?
    - Directive from the Library Director, not really a question.
    - [countered] Request was declined two years before.
    - Required in 2002.
  • Should be discussed at a full meeting (Spring? Fall?), but for 2003, we don’t have a choice, decision already made.
  • TWO ISSUES with Member’s comments:
    - Inviting the Council on Libraries.
    - How this decision and informing members was handled.
    • Small group meetings should not be happening, the DCLSA Executive Group should convene an open meeting for any discussion.
    • Sean will convey this to Art and make sure it doesn’t happen.
    • Members were not told last year that the Council was coming; if they knew, some would not have attended.
    • Council and Library Director have created animosity from decisions made in regards to the libraries. This party is supposed to be the STAFF Christmas party, paid for with staff funds, a party by staff, for staff. Why would Council want to come. Not appropriate.
    • By rejecting Council, are we only hurting ourselves?
    • Holiday party has been open (flexible) in the past, with staff sometimes inviting along other campus employees or extended family.
    • Council has already been invited so we have to go with it. Can’t change it now without a problem, but we should discuss it for next year.
    • Holiday Party is two hours during the year when everyone is on equal footing, a completely social setting that breaks down the traditional hierarchy, Council being there interrupts that.
    • Funds are being given from the Library Director that easily cover any extra expense of Council invitation.
    • What about Custodians, Presidents Office, Provost,… where does the invitation stop and why?
    • Nothing in the bylaws outlining who can be invited.
    • This may create opportunity Council members to attach face to staff.
    • Library Director seems to believe that Council is part of the staff.
    • Last year, Library Office sent over a list of who to invite after the other invitations had already gone out.
    • Sean – Makes sense to draft a policy document on this.
    • Vote to accept the decision made by Art: 7 ye, 1 nay, & 1 abstention.

Alcohol at the Holiday Party

  • Thought we had a copy of the Staff Alcohol Policy, but it turns out to be the Student Policy.
  • Staff policy, from memory:
    - Register event
    - Alcohol monitors based on size of event.
    - Caterer must be licensed to serve it.
  • Jill has handled it with Safety and Security in the past
  • Jill already has checked with Collis
  • Jill called Safety and Security already to make sure there were no new policy changes.
  • We handle very low volume of alcohol
  • Librarians always do the serving.
  • Never had problems in the past.
  • With staff morale and the issue of the Council being invited, we shouldn’t make changes.
  • We will get librarians to sign up to serve.
  • Vote to keep alcohol at party passes easily.

Party Invitations

  • Should we document who people can bring?
  • We’re planning for about 225 people, but not that many attend.
  • Room restriction in Collis of 168 at any one time.
    - Can use Room 101 for overflow, if necessary.
  • Not many people bring anyone given the time of day.
  • Invite Custodians? - Hard because of all the libraries involved.
  • Custodians used to do more directly for the library.
  • Don’t need to invite them this year because the party isn’t even in the library.
  • Can’t we deal with “who can and can’t come” another year, given how close the event is.
  • ---- Tabled ----

Announcement: Two DCLSA liaison vacancies.

  • Library Office.
  • Digital Library Technologies Group.
  • Announcement will go out; please encourage people to sign up.

Comment: Collis is a great choice for the upcoming party.

Suggestion: Plan ahead to have student coverage so everyone can attend the party.

  • Rauner needs staff to cover too, but not a big deal.

Could libraries all close for one hour?

  • Too hard to arrange
  • Can’t clear libraries of patrons.

Adjourn: 1:50 p.m.