October 16, 2003 word file


Thomas Garbelotti, Sean Padgett, Janice Perkins, Barbara Bushor, Julie McIntyre, Art Hanchett, Peter Collins (Recorder)

Begin: 1:08 p.m.

Constitution Change

  • Change constitution to include recognizing Wedding, Civil Union, & Graduation
  • Graduation recognized for individual, not family members
  • All in favor

Fall Meeting

  • Constitution amendment is main agenda item
  • Amendment warning going out tomorrow
  • Will include request for everyone to attend
  • Awards banquet omissions must be added to agenda

Crafts Fair

  • More crafters have signed up, but not full yet
  • Barb will distribute advertising posters


  • Discussion ongoing
  • Need somebody to coordinate
  • Discuss at Fall Meeting

Legal Responsibility for Activities

  • Bus trips legal if we go through charter service
  • If weather real bad, need to consider canceling

Holiday Party

  • Could be catered by Collis
  • All staff should be able to attend together
    - Close library, or
    - Cover with students
    - Either requires approval
  • If hosted in Library, must be on Tuesday, 12/16, instead of Friday, 12/12
  • Collis costs about the same, and they do some of the work
  • Consider giving small to everyone instead of door prizes (mugs?)
  • $300 spent on gifts last year
  • Bob Campe has offered $350 towards the party from the Library
  • Same catering as last year, includes discount due to complaints last year
  • This year, more appetizers and hot hors d’oeuvres, only one main dish

Adjourn: 1:57 p.m.