October 2, 2003 word file


Art Hanchett, Sean Padgett, Barbara Bushor, Peter Collins, Barbara Krieger, Jill Wilcox, Thomas Garbelotti, Jan Bagley, Karen MacPhee, Lucinda Hall, Julie.P.McIntyre

Began: 1:05 p.m.

I) Communication:

  • Art wants to open up communication.
  • DCLSA Blitz account has been activated and configured for this purpose.
  • CorpTime will be utilized for scheduling meetings.
  • Other suggestions regarding avenues of communication are encouraged.

II) Discussion on this years Awards Luncheon:

  • Some employees were accidentally overlooked for service awards.
    • Jill will be investigating who was missed.
    • The problem seems to have been caused by an unofficial change in tracking practices last year.
    • Jill will send out a message requesting staff to notify her if they, or somebody they know, should have received a service award.
    • The awards policy will follow the traditional tracking approach used by the college to determine years of service, even though this method sometimes causes delay in the award, depending on an individual’s hire date.
      - The college determines service based on the number of complete fiscal years an individual is employed by the college.
      - Individuals who leave college employment for more than one year, before resuming a position at the college, must start over accruing years of service.
  • Food service issues at the Awards Luncheon:
    • Traditionally, late comers tend to get an incomplete selection of food; so should we hold some food until 1:00, for the second shift.
    • Jill disputed that this was not an issue this year, and except for a shortage of salad near the beginning, food was consistently stocked.
    • Jill did have to attend to the food tables herself, even though this was not part of her general duties for the event.
    • Should DCLSA form a committee for luncheon preparation and catering?
    • Could all staff attend at the same time?
      - Could students cover all desks if staff were away?
      - Might we utilize temporary student workers?
      - Share students between libraries?
      - Shorten event to one hour to minimize staffing impact?
    • Art proposed forming a committee to discuss the awards luncheon format and draw up a proposal.
      - Jill will head up the committee.
      - Look for a blitz requesting volunteers
      - A written proposal will be discussed and potentially submitted to administration for consideration.

III) Crafts Fair:

  • The Crafts Fair is set for Friday, November 21.
  • Barb K. reported that all the vendor space is not completely booked, but more vendors are being pursued and based on past experience, it should fill up.
  • Signage will go out around November 1
  • Help distributing posters to various areas, both local and on campus, would be great: contact Barbara Krieger
  • Notification of volunteering options will go out sometime before the event.
  • Having a bake sale at the fair was suggested, as has been done occasionally in the past.
    - This has not been set up yet, but would be a good way for DCLSA to make money.
    - Barb will look into recruiting people to staff a table and donate goods.

IV) Communication:

  • Communication to new members lacking; election results not distributed.
  • Outline purpose of meetings and who should attend.
  • Some improvement in communication has been made.
  • DCLSA now has better records of who is a member.
  • DCLSA Web page is being updated now.
  • More effort should be made to include and utilize Liaisons.

V) Welcome Packets:

  • DCLSA used to include information in welcome packets to new employees; can we do that again?
  • John Crane was contacted about DCLSA doing the welcome packets, but it appears to be something that the Library Office wants to handle.
  • DCLSA could still offer information about the organization to new staff members.
  • This might help open up communication between new employees and their department liaison.

VI) New Ideas:

  • Art is considering publicizing Dartmouth discounts.
    - It was noted that the college already does some publicity.
  • Holiday bus to Boston.
    - Still in the works; waiting to hear from legal council about insurance and liability issues.
  • Staff Potluck every month or two? - It was suggested that the schedule should be consistent so people can depend on it (for example: first Friday of every month)
    - Tabled for the time being, since nobody present volunteered to take on the responsibility.

VII) Amendments:

  • DCLSA constitution only authorizes flowers to be sent out for Death, Birth, and Major Illness.
  • The practice of sending flowers for marriages was informally started a year or two ago, but to continue, the constitution needs to be amended.
  • It was noted that if we are sending flowers for marriages, we should equally consider recognizing Civil Unions.
  • We will try to get the amendment vote scheduled for the Fall Meeting.

VIII) Fall Meeting:

  • Traditionally held around the end of October or first part of November.
  • This years meeting is tentatively scheduled for the first week of November.
  • Executive Group will meet again before this meeting to finalize work on the Flower Amendment, possibly October 14.

Ended: 2:10 p.m.