August 26, 2003 word file


Miguel Valladares, Sean Padgett, Barb Bushor, Melissa Young, Barb Krieger, Goodie Corriveau, Eric Alstrom, Julie McIntyre, Lucinda Hall, Karen MacPhee, Thomas Garbelotti, Jill Wilcox

Meeting started: 1:05 pm

DCLSA General meeting agenda.

  • Treasurer’s report
    • Barb has completed the report and will make it available.
  • Miguel has a agenda model for the meeting that he will be following.
    • He will send out notifications to all the officers and committee members to be sure to have reports ready for the meeting.
  • “Beam me up Scotty” follow-up
    • It will be mentioned under the program committee report and then it will be made its own agenda item so we can explain where the process started with the “Beam me up Scotty” events lead and how it ended.
      -We have passed the ball to John Crane.
    • John Crane will talk about it at the meeting.
  • New board will be announced.
  • Changes in bereavement acknowledgements
    • The main office is no longer sending flowers or making donations to acknowledge bereavements. - They used to and did not tell us when they stopped.
    • Who do we acknowledge? - We do not have guidelines. - Perhaps we should? - A way to ensure that no-one is overlooked. - There are perhaps reasons that we should not? - We do not want to exclude anyone who is meaningful to the staff member.
    • We should in some way explain to the liaisons what they should be communicating to the committees (not limited to bereavements, see bylaws for explanations).
    • We will explain that this is a cost that the DCLSA will absorb.
  • All reservations and catering and arrangements are done.
    • 28 Silsby.

Awards banquet

  • Reservations have been made for Sept. 11
    • Rooms and catering are done. - Collis Common ground.
    • Miguel will send out an e-mail.
    • Jill has compiled the list of people to be honored.
    • Bill Ghezzi is working on the awards.

Fin: 1:46 pm