June 30, 2003 word file


Goddie, Becky Torrey, Julie Mcintyre, Barb Bushor, Art Hanchett, Miguel, Sean Padgett, Jill Wilcox

Meeting begun: 1:07 pm.

Spring (i.e. Summer) (semi-annual) meeting

  • Need candidates for elections:
    • V.P.
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Members at large (2 people‚Äôs terms are up)
      - Derika Hermann
      - Becky Torrey
    • 3 weeks for elections (3 month after nominations start)
    • Need to appoint programming person.
    • Art will send out nomination information.
  • Scheduling on the 19th (pending room availability)
    - Jill will look into scheduling a space.
  • New business
    - requests for new business will be sent out with election results.

Beam me up situation

  • We need to make a statement at the spring meeting that the DCLSA has pursued all possible avenues of holding a meeting with Jim Platt or Harvey Slaughter.
  • We will be talking with John Crane this week to ensure clarity of communication with the library group.
    - If there is a piece he would like to address we will invite him to speak at the spring meeting

Water situation

  • Library is no longer funding the water in the departments.
  • Can we do anything about this?
    - The DCLSA is not adequately funded to sponsor bottled water.

Funding issues

  • We do not know if we are going to be funded fully this year.
  • Death recognition
    • The main office has not sent flowers to recognize deaths in the family.
      - They used to, but suddenly stopped without notifying the DCLSA.
  • Holiday party
    - The main office did not contribute this year.
  • We need to be very careful about our funding in the next year.
    - Perhaps we should also explore alternate funding options.

Awards banquet

  • We are having increasing difficulties booking space on campus.
    • We have to avoid areas that have exclusivity with the Hanover Inn.
    • Jill will look into spaces
      - DOC and BEMA are possibilities.
      - Perhaps front lawn of Baker?
  • In order to book the meeting we need to find a time far in advance
    - During the break between summer and fall (September).
  • We will be asking Bill Ghezzie to do the awards and gift certs. for the recognition.
    - We may not want to buy from Dartmouth book store since they may not exist long enough for them to be spent.
    - We will check on alternatives after the budget is released.
  • Jill will investigate who is having an anniversary of working here.
  • We will have a further meeting after we get the budget for next year.

Meeting ended: 2:01 pm.