June 2, 2003 word file


Phyllis Gilbert, Art Hanchett, Miguel Valideres, Sean Padgett

Began: 2:22pm

Letter from Harvey Slaughter and Jim Platt

  • They are not able to aid us in formulating staff concerns.
    - They are interested in teaching methods, not in helping us formulate content.
  • Phyllis will send a letter thanking them for their input and tell them that their suggestion of a seminar does not fit our needs at the moment.

We will be happy sit down with John Crane and ask him to suggest what we can do.

  • We need to find a new set of lines of communication between the staff and the administration.
  • We would like to have the staff formulate their problems so that all of the staff is heard, rather than just “small tricklings” of opinions that are presently meeting the ears of management.
    - We will need a moderated discussion to prevent a group session from losing control.

Spring meeting

  • We will hold a meeting to organize the spring meeting next week.
    - Miguel will ask Eric how we will organize the elections.
    - Sean will look for a meeting time for next week.

Ended: 3:08pm