May 14, 2003 word file

Meeting started: 8:39am


Phyllis Gilbert, Sean Padgett, Barb Bushor, Art Hanchett, Miguel Vallideres

Discussion of the meeting with Jim Platt and Harvey Slaughter.

Need to draft a letter of intent.

After the “Beam me us Scotty” sessions it was apparent that we needed a further set of discussions to identify issues and possible solutions among the library staff. With the endorsement of the Library Administration, we would like Jim Platt and Harvey Slaughter to moderate a pair of open forums and aid the DCLSA in formulating a set of constructive suggestions based on staff concerns. The DCSLA will then use that information to begin a dialogue with the Library administration.

Publicity statement:

DCLSA productive discussion
issues and possible solutions, moderated by Jim Platt and Harvey Slaughter.

An open conversation/discussion to help formulate staff concerns and suggestions of how to cope with changing times.

Bring your ideas!

We will send the above letter of consent to Jim Platt and Harvey Slaughter.

If they agree, they will give us dates we can hold the meetings.

  • We will then send out the above publicity statement to the library staff with the dates and further information.
  • Shoot for the beginning of June, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, preferably on two different weeks.

Meeting ended: 9:23