April 14, 2003 word file

Meeting started: 9:05am


Lucinda Hall, Barb Bushor, Art Hanchett, Goodie Corriveau, Phyllis Gilbert, Barb Krieger, Eric Alstrom, Miguel Valladares, Joyce Thurston

“Beam me up” program comments

  • In the first meeting people were very comfortable talking.
    1. Comments were made regarding worries about the administration’s direction.
    2. The stress management portion of the workshop was helpful, but people feel many of the problems are exterior to the staff.
    3. Many of the questions may have put the presenters in an awkward position.
  • Jim Platt said that we can work with him to facilitate an “open forum” where the library staff can discuss their concerns with the administration.

The DCLSA will plan a future “open forum” for the staff to voice their concerns with the planned outcome of formulating a document to be presented to the library administration. (all in favor)

  • Talk to the library administration about time and compensation for the meeting (re: freeing up man-hours). (Miguel will talk to John Crane and will allow anyone else to attend that would like).
  • Meet with Jim Platt to plan the meetings.
  • Have 2 meetings for staff discussion.
    1. Meetings open to all members of the library staff.
    2. Jim Platt will act as a moderator to prevent the meeting going in a constructive direction.
    3. NOTE: Jim Platt does not want to be involved in any kind of discussions involving unionization of the library.
  • We would like to come up with a concrete list of concerns that we can present to the administration.
    1. In a DCLSA meeting along with Jim Platt we will formulate our points into a unified constructive document.
    2. At the DCLSA spring meeting we will present out points to the staff for validation at the meeting.
      - The DCLSA will work as a “voice” to interface with the administration.
      - We feel confident that the administration will listen.
      - - - Behaviors may not change, but we will at least give the administration a chance to hear our concerns and hopefully the administration will reply to our concerns.
    3. We want the list to be constructive since direct confrontation will only meet resistance.


  • We need nominations for elections to be held at the spring meeting (Art will handle).

Re-constituting groups?

  • A preservation “round table” has re-formed.
  • Should the DCLSA be involved in putting groups together?

Staff training and development

  • The group was ended and no one has taken over the library orientation sessions.
    1. Susan Fliss handles education programs and perhaps could be the facilitator for orientation and education sessions.
    2. John Crane is the person we should talk to about library orientations sessions. (Sean Padgett will e-mail him when John returns from vacation)


  • The staff would like to understand the management style that the administration uses so that they can figure out where the fit in it.
  • Library town meetings: They are not actually town meetings.
    1. There is no give and take during the meetings, they are more lecture oriented.
    2. During the town meetings people are not dealt with gently when they ask questions, they are cross examined for clarification.
      - People are not used to such an aggressive style of replies to questioning.

Meeting ended: 10:00