February 27, 2003 word file


Miguel Valladares, Sean Padgett, Barb Bushor, Phyllis Gilbert, Art Hanchett.

Meeting started: 10:06am

Morale issues

  • Phyllis would like to bring over Jim Platt (Director of the Faculty/Employee Assistant Program/Instructor in Psychiatry).
    • Can facilitate a “dealing with change” discussion.
    1. Could be formal with an agenda or facilitate a loose discussion.
    2. Session could also serve to tell people what resources are available to staff.
    3. The discussion is required to be non-political
      a. The people in question are very good about ensuring that such subjects are avoided. - Phyllis
    4. New stress level in many departments is becoming evident and this program may be helpful in dealing with said stress.
    • Possible title "(dealing with) Changes in the workplace."
    1. In the notification/publicity we can also let everyone know what resources are available.
    2. Phyllis is happy to do the legwork. She will report to Miguel in 1 week.
    • Timing & Cost
    1. We will need to find out what programs are available, then go to the administration.
      a. Find out if the administration feels going to such a program would be appropriate to use work time for.
    2. Once we have the above decision, then we can schedule.
      a. We would prefer in the afternoon on one week and in the morning on another.
      b. We will also need to schedule a space for the meeting.
    3. Find out if there is a cost for a group session.
      a. Side note: First 6 individual meetings are on work times. After that you are "on your own."
    4. We should try to offer food at the meeting as well.
    • "Our concern is not for the people who speak, but with the people who do not."
  • We would also like to bring over Harvey Slaughter (from Human Resources).
    • Purpose of program: To deal with HR aspects of institutional change and “what happens if my job is eliminated” questions.
  • Phyllis will talk with the above persons and the board will meet with library administration once we have information on the possible timing and costs of the above mentioned programs.

Spring meeting

  • Should occur sometime in May or June.
    -Miguel would be happier if it was in June. AS of the 25th of May he is done several major projects and will have more time to devote to the meeting then.
  • If any changes to the bylaws want to be made, They need to be posted 2 weeks before the meeting
  • DCLSA exec. Group will plan to meet again in April to discuss the meeting further.

What can the DCLSA do.

  • In the past we have been a catalyst for staff to interact.
    IDEA: Give individual departments a chance to have some sort of nice event.
    1. Have a meeting with all the LSA people to see what their departments would like. See what they might want to do.
      a. Send a letter inviting all the liaisons to a meeting. Ask them to see what the people in their area would like to do.
      b. Barb and Art will help Miguel to draft the letter.
      - 1st draft will be done by next Wednesday.
      - Send letter by next Thursday.
    2. Get a money estimate from all the departments.
  • Bring in outside speaker and talk to John Crane about the Library funding it.
    i. Get permission to do it on work time.
    ii. Suggestion: Person who does stress comedy on PBS.
    - Barb will try to remember the name.