November 18, 2002 word file


Miguel Valladares, Barb Bushor, Art Hanchett, Sean Padgett

Brought to order: 1:19 pm

Staff room

  • The parts of the staff room that are not taken care of my housekeeping need cleaning.
  • We want to do a major cleaning every 2 weeks so that the staff room is more usable.
  • The fridge will be cleaned out every Friday (to protect the staff from food poisoning) unless clearly marked!.
  • Jessie Bunten has accepted the paid position as cleaning person.
  • The pay will be: $60 per month and we will have her keep track of her time and talk about revising the pay at a future date.
  • Supplies will be reimbursed separately.
  • We will tell her what should be done weekly and bi-weekly.
  • A vote on the cleaning plans will be done at the meeting tomorrow.
  • There has been discussion of a new microwave for the staff room. We will talk to Corky first. We’ll just do it, since we hopefully will not need to spend DCLSA funds.
  • We will look into the possibility of getting a convection/microwave oven. (dependant upon a limit on the funds that non DCLSA will pay).

Meeting tomorrow

  • Reports will be read, new staff will be announced, old business and new business will be handled.

Library Holiday Party

  • Many round tables and centerpieces will be given away. Art is working on Gifts.
  • The next day the main corridor and the reserve corridor will be used for a dinner, so we may need to limit our decorations (since we may have to take them down).

Library Staff room

  • We are concerned about the staff room being used for prep for banquets, displacing the staff when they need breaks. We are worried about cleaning in the room and notification of when it is used.
  • Gift suggestions will be discussed.
  • Miguel will talk to John about making sure we are notified when it will be used.

Adjourned: 1:55 pm