November 4, 2002 word file


Miguel A. Valladares, Sean Padgett, Barb Bushor, Melissa Young, Karen MacPhee, Nancy Markee, Goodie Corriveau, Art Hanchett, Jill L. Wilcox, Phyllis M. Gilbert

Brought to order: 2:10 pm

news about the Crafts Fair (Barb could not make it to the meeting).

  • Everything seems to be going O.K.
  • Nov. 22 (Friday before thanksgiving)


  • The names on the webpage have been updated.

planning the fall LSA meeting

  • Need to give 2 weeks notice to have the meeting, and Collis is no longer available to us in-term
  • Plan to have the meeting on Nov. 19th (18th as secondary time).
  • Look at Rockefeller and Tindle lounge.
  • Time will depend (ultimately) on room availability. We will look at 10 am for a time.
  • Talk to John about introducing new staff and invite Richard.
  • We will also look into having juice and water, not just coffee and tea for the meeting.

planning for the December Holiday Party

  • Still location TBA, but looking at the 1902 room with spillover into the hallway
  • Date: Dec. 13th.
  • Still trying to figure out the orientation of the serving stations. Maybe have food in the center and open areas around the outside with some seating and places to mingle.
  • We will find out how many tables are coming back to the 1902 room and how many we should be able to fit there.
  • If the 1902 room is too small, we may look at the reserve corridor.
  • The Hanover Inn wouldn’t work because the inn has exclusivity of catering.
  • Bare bones catering will do the food.
  • If the 1902 room does not have furniture again, we can get tables from F,0&M
  • We will send out 230 invites, but that many never comes (we average 200).
  • We will have a meal (not just appetizers).
  • We will need
    • People for setup - Decorators
    • Do online signups for desserts.
    • Entertainment? - Last year we didn’t have space for live entertainment.
      -This year we will look at having a cd of music
  • Should we do gifts?
    • it is suggested that we just do wreaths and Table decorations.
    • but if we don’t spend money we lose it.
    • should we do gift certificates instead of gifts?
  • We will have another meeting before the party, but just after the craft fair to do the final planning.
  • Committees will handle the micro bits of planning. Jill will form the committees.
  • Should we have it after hours?
    • Overall it seems we shouldn’t
    • We have money, but doing things after hours would be to complex.
  • Committee leaders will be established before the fall meeting so that people can be recruited at the meeting.

next meeting

  • We will try to meet the week of the 25th.

Adjourned: 3:08