August 26, 2002 word file


Nancy Markee, Miguel A. Valladares, Julie P. McIntyre, Eric Alstrom, Goodie Corriveau, Phyllis M. Gilbert, Sean Padgett, Jill L. Wilcox

Brought to order: 2:08 pm


  • Marcia Pirone will be the Kresge rep.
  • Derika Avery has resigned as Member at Large
    - Miguel will talk to the 3rd runner up from the last election about serving out her term.
  • Mimi Curphey has retired, so we need a new rep from reference
  • Mary Ann Mousley is leaving, so a new rep is needed from her department.
  • A new person is needed to cover Sandborn
    - The reference person will cover Sandborn
  • Liaisons need to be reminded of their duties (perhaps a job description should be sent out to all members of the board?)
    - Phyllis will send out the new descriptions.
  • A list will be created on Blitz to make it easier for people to contact the DCLSA and for us to contact each other.
    - Miguel will take care of it.

Discuss plans for upcoming Awards Banquet (Jill Wilcox)

  • In pretty good shape. The banquet will be the 5th of September at Collis.
  • Catered
  • Flowers will be ordered soon.
  • We will order less coffee than last year.
  • Notices and adverts will be sent this afternoon.
  • Could use setup help (around 11:30) and breakdown at the end.

Discuss new policy about when is the exact moment a library employee celebrates his/her anniversary at Dartmouth.

  • We can get the dates from personnel?
    - Personnel takes care of the years of service to the college, we celebrate years of service to the library, so that wouldn’t work.
  • Should we work with the calendar year as well?
  • Part of the confusion may be because the date of the lunch has slipped later and later each year.
  • Keeping track of the time is difficult for people who have served and then left and come back.
  • We will do calendar year.

Upcoming events: (report from Barb Krieger about Craft Fair)

  • E-mail enclosure from Miguel.

Holiday party

  • Where will we have it?
  • Could have it in the tower room with a more appetizer menu, and not need as much of a setup.
  • Table in front of each fireplace, and punch in the center.
  • Could we have it in the 1902 room?
  • Fri Dec. 13th will be the party (2nd Friday in December)
  • Boathouse?
  • Phyllis said we can use Webster.

Meeting ends: 3:20