May 13, 2002 word file


Becky Torry, Mimi Curphey, Eric Alstrom, Miguel Valladares, Jill Wilcox, Jamie Dalton, Julie McIntyre

2 p.m., Baker Library Room 158

elections: positions needed: VP, Treasurer, 3 Members-at-large any suggestions for nominees?

  • Still looking for nominees. Need to have results before the spring meeting (around the 13th).
  • Voting will be conducted via e-mail.
  • Miguel is the chair of the nomination and tabulation committee.
    - Glen marvel is a possibility for treasurer
    - Rosie Vanesse has said she is interested for member at large.
  • Elections will be conducted over the week of June 3rd.

discuss plans for upcoming spring annual meeting

  • Last year the meeting was the 13th.
  • We will work on requesting Collis common ground for the 12th.
    - Jill Wilcox will do the room arranging and arrange for coffee and pastry.

Treasury report (brief)

  • We are doing O.K. A full report will come at the annual meeting.

update on stipend for Mexotic performance ($5 scholarship for those who attend)

  • This Friday and Saturday.
  • Scholarship will be handled by Goodie in the same way as other Scholarships

Upcoming events: report from Barb Krieger about Craft Fair

  • It will be on Nov. 22nd.
  • Return date for applications is Aug.
  • She will need promotion help in October.
  • Will need setup and breakdown help.

Baker Staff Room Bathroom

  • Corky said that it has been re-done and is working again (bugs are still being worked out).
  • Possibility was raised to turn it into a 1 or 2 person unisex bathroom. Turn into a single occupant bathroom and keep the shower. MEETING ITEM! Put on the agenda.


  • We have no rules as to how many times we can send flowers to someone. We will continue to send flowers to Derika when major events happen.
  • We should also make an announcement at the library town meeting for people to notify the DCLSA when events occur. (see if we can have 3 min or so at the meeting for announcements, Miguel might pursue).


  • We should have a meeting for them to double check that the liaisons know what they are doing.

Think about next year’s Christmas party. (place etc...)

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