November 8, 2001 word file


Mimi Curphey, Lucinda Hall, Derika Avery, Jill Wilcox, Eric Alstrom, Julie McIntyre, Goodie Corriveau, Sean Padgett

Meeting Started @ 2:04

Upcoming Events

  • Craft Fair - Barb Krieger
    • It is one week from tomorrow
    • What can we do to help?
      o Some coverage issues for the bake sale table, but it can be taken care of.
    • At next board meeting we need to decide if we want to keep doing this.
      o It is getting more difficult to find people to work it.
      o Do we want to keep doing the group table?
      o It is becoming hard to get people to help out
      - A Possible solution might be to find Retirees to help out
    • MEETING NOTE: Talk about "the future of the craft fair" at the next meeting!
    • A Discussion of how to handle Collis setup ensued between Jill and Barb
  • Holiday Party - Jill Wilcox
    • Caterer has been met with
      o The price will be the same
    • Different layout for the benefit of the Caterer and for those attending
      o 2 buffet lines down the sides of the room
      o The desserts will be in the center
    • The caterer is providing appetizer and the staff will bring desserts
    • Appetizers will be in the 2 side rooms
    • The library will supply the paper goods and cups
    • Construction will not be an issue for the planning and storing
    • Eric will check with John Crane about making sure there is no construction in the area during the party.
    • Cindy Bird is running the Punch Committee
      o Reference Librarians are being recruited to serve the punch
    • Mimi is chairing the Food Committee
      o The committee will only have to restock the dessert table, the caterer will do the rest
    • Decorating committee
      o Same chair as last year
    • They are stealing ideas from the Dicks House decorations of last year
      o The idea was put forth that we could organize a place for the staff to make paper snowflakes and those could be used for decoration
      o Preservation was volunteered as the place
    • Music?
      o Should we do it?
      o David B. From paddock will make a mix CD to play during the party
      - We will make it more instrumental than singing this year and play it over the same PA that Eric will use for announcements
      o Board agrees to canned music
      - A reminder that it is for all holidays, not just Christmas was mentioned
    • Undecorating
      o Eric will check to see if the decorations can stay up for a few days beyond the party
    • Eric will ask John Crane on the cleanliness of the kitchen in the staff room for the holiday party (will it be done and ready)
    • Notification committee (for notification about the party)
      o Derika will generate mailing labels and Jill will put address labels on
      o Mimi suggested that we write notes on the invites to library retirees.
      o Jill will get Bill Ghezzi to make invites
    • Gift drawing
      o The custodial staff will be in the drawing as well

Marriage/Civil Union Proposal

  • It will not be voted on until the spring meeting
    • Tabled until the next meeting.
    • We will get a copy of the college's policy and possibly use it as a guide

Possible programs

  • We used to do programs at lunch in 152
    • A Genealogy program?
      - We will look at doing it in January
  • Library talent show (lunch time concert)
    • Will take a good amount of planning. - We will look at doing it in February
    • Will discuss at the next meeting
    • Get a list of names at the next meeting.

Other business

  • At the last full meeting we discussed “important events” that had occurred in the lives of staff members.

    How should we disseminate this information to the staff at large
    • In the case of good news, information should be funneled through the Liaisons
    • In the case of bad news the liaisons should talk to the person who the news has effected and then, if that person wishes to have the bad news made public, the liaison can distribute the information through to board to the other liaisons - Eric will blitz the Liaisons to ask if they are willing to do the above two items
  • Webpage
    • What should be done?
      - Events page needs updating!
    • It was asked if we should have a web-committee
      - It was decided that we will find someone who knows HTML
      • Becky Torrey will be asked if she is willing to take on the responsibility.
  • Program chair position is open
    • We will try to recruit for that

Meeting Adjourned at 2:54