August 22, 2001 word file


Erik Alstrom, Goodie Corriveau, Lucinda Hall, Becky Torry, Julie Macintire, Jamie Dalton, Barb Krieger, Mimi Curphey, Miguel Valladares, John Cocklin, Sean Padgett

Section the First: upcoming events

awards luncheon

  • Facts and Figures:
    - It will be held at Collis
    - Caterer: Gondola Deli
    - Jill Wilcox will organize the event
  • Actions needed:
    • Bill Ghezzi has taken care of framed awards past and should be asked if he can do it for this occasion. We don't know who did he gift certs from last year, someone needs to be assigned to do it. We need to talk to Bill Ghezzie about the names and supply him with frames if he agrees to create the certificates.
    • Need to set a Date. Last year it was wed sept 13th.
      The best week looks to be the week of the 10th (since the following week is freshman week). Erik will inform Jill of the preferred date. It seems that the group would prefer the Wednesday (but we could do other days if necessary). 75-100 people are expected based on previous attendance.

      It was mentioned that at the last events the Collis personnel came by to "load up on food", can we prevent this? A possible solution is to make sure we have a time padding between our event and the next event in whatever space we take.
    • Someone needs to get the list of honorees (10, 15, 20, 25 years).
      We can get the list from Derika. She is not at the meeting because she is generating the list at the moment.

      A discussion occurred on how do we decide when we celebrate years of service (do we do it the year one is putting in the recognised number of years of sercvice, or the year after?) When in doubt we have deferred to the main office. As far as we can tell it is done by Fiscal year (calculations are done by full fiscal years of service).

      We need to make sure that we get the years right if we change the way we calculate years of service so that no-one is skipped over.

Fall general meeting

  • Facts and Figures
    - It will be Held at Collis
    - It will be Catered by Lou’s
  • Actions needed
    - Setting a date
    We need to plan around Collis' schedule. We will try for mid-late october dependant on collis, and talk to Jill about it. It was mentioned that we should try for a date on or around Halloween (We would ask people to come in costume in hopes of boosting attendance.)

Craft fair

  • Facts and Figures
    • Barb Kreiger is the chair for the event
    • It will happen on the 16th of November
    • Barb reported that she got 4 applications from people that we didn't send applications to.
    • We are a little low in crafters, but we will get more from the procrastination effect (people are not getting back quickly enough).
      - 22 Individuals have asked for tables
      - 3 crafters will be at the group table
      - 9 of the crafters have not had table space at the event before
      - 2 Crafters are from the library
  • Actions Needed
    • Volunteers (setup and breakdown) and folks to handout posters are needed.
    • Where do we advertise and is there anywhere else we can advertise?
      - Valley news, academic institutions, “its classified” and posters have been used.
      - We have not done VPR before. A clear decision on investigating that avenue was not made.
      - There are remarks sections on the return invoice from the crafters for them to offer suggestions.
    • Further reports will come over the fall.

Holiday Party

  • Facts and Figures:
    - Chair: Jill Wilcox?
  • Actions Needed:
    • A date needs to be set.
      - It is usually held on the 2nd Friday of December (which would make it the 14th this year)
    • Erik will check if the tower room will be available
    • We will try to contact the same people who decorated last year since they were so good.
    • Do we want entertainment
      - We had Sam Moffat last time.

      - John Cocklin mentioned that, in years previous, the staff used to sing and play. Can we do this again? We will look for people and see if several people can do small sets.
      - We should also get a PA system again.
    • Erik needs an assistant for the party
    • A committee will be formed to take care of all these ideas.
    • Either Jill will form it or we will if she is busy. Erik will talk to Jill about her availability.

Section the Second

DCLSA Years of Service Index Box.

  • Julie McIntyre Maintains it Currently
  • Do we need the box?
  • Currently files for it are typed up and sent over when someone is hired, but but no-one ever tells when they leave so files are not up to date
  • Derika has all the information on her computer and we can get info from her.
  • Erik - since we can get the info from Derika we will allow the box to go by the wayside.
  • Julie Mcintire asked
    - Should we do a frame for the recipients every year?
    - We decided we should just give the frame every year “and be done with it.”

final report on scholarship amounts

  • it is now $40
  • needs to be put on the website
  • Discussion on “fairness of scholarship allocation”
    - If you join the gym you can only get a single scholarship amount for the year, while otherwise people can do flip every term and get money every term. Is that fair?
    - Good question, but there doesn't seem to be a good solution.
    - We discussed “Should we create two different types of scholarships or say that the scholarships are only for classes?”
    - It was decided that if there are further incidences of complaints we should act, otherwise and discussion on the subject will be tabled.


  • 10 scholarships have been given this year
    - 2 academic
    - 8 fitness related
  • The Budget seems to be O.K.

Budget Report

  • We need to get money from Corkey Scott

Welfare Report

  • 1 Bereavement (money was sent)

Derika Herman is getting married this weekend

  • It was suggested that we should send her flowers.
  • NOTE: We should make sure we tell Julie McIntire when things occur that need recognition/attention
    - Examples are Births, deaths, Berevements...
    - should we include marriages?
    - General opinion among the group was that we should do it.
    - In order for this to become policy we need to submit this item to the board with a 2/3 Majority of the members voting yes to approve it.
    - Motion submitted for the next meeting
  • Vote held on sending Derika flowers
    - All present voted yes
  • Do we have a charge card for the DCLSA?
    - Yes.
    - It was suggested that we should make it available for flower orders etc

Web Maintainance

  • Should we be posting more or removing more?
    - Updating is needed. A volunteer will be found to Take care of the webpage

Blitz Bulletins

  • Should we still send out library Blitz bulletins?
    - Many people seem to say yes for a variety of reasons, so they will be kept.