April 2001 word file

The meeting convened at Byrne Hall at 2:05

Goodie Corriveau gave a scholarship committee report, noting that 10 scholarships had been awarded since October 2000. Eight were fitness related, and two were academic.

Discussion ensued regarding the Spring Meeting and upcoming elections.

Offices that need to be filled are:

Vice President Secretary (Lisa will run if necessary)

Jim will enquire with the rest of the board about the Treasurer and Member at large positions. Once he knows what offices need to be filled, he will send a message to Library group, seeking nominations.

It was decided that we would again conduct the election over email, though Eric noted it might be better to allow a little more time for people to vote, than was made available last year.

Jim will ask Jill Wilcox to reserve Collis for June 13th for the Spring meeting.

Goodie mentioned she would like to seek approval for scholarship monies to be increased, at the Spring meeting. She will check with Matt about the impact on our budget if we increase the scholarships to 50.00. If he feels we can handle it, she will bring her suggestion forward at the Spring Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 2:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Ann Ladd DCLSA Secretary