October 12, 2000 word file

Present : Jim Fries, Nancy Markee, Steve Snyder, Matt Wiencke, Jill Wilcox, Goodie Corriveau, Derika Hermann, Mimi Curphey, Eric Alstrom, Lisa Ladd

Treasurers Report: Matt reported about the state of our accounts, highlighting the cost of the Awards banquet (around 600.00) and mentioning the seven thousand dollars the College gives us each year. He reminded the Board it generally takes a week to get reimbursed from the time he gets the receipts for purchases.

Scholarship Report: Goodie reported that 7 scholarships have been awarded since July 1st. 2 Academic, and 5 for Fitness.

Welfare Committee: Lisa Ladd, enquired for Julie McIntyre, whether a reminder should be sent to Library Group, about the Blair memorial fund, as contributions will only be accepted through Friday the 13th. The board agreed that it should be sent, with an emphasis on the name of the person who was accepting checks and handling the fund. Jill Wilcox asked about the Blairs’, and if this was a tax deductible contribution, most on the board felt it was not, as it would require 5013C status.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved by the Board.

Jim thanked Jill Wilcox for all of her hard work on the DCLSA awards banquet. She reported that by purchasing the flowers and vases at Walmart and Price Chopper, and by downsizing the Gondola Deli order, she saved approximately fifty dollars from last years bill. Everyone agreed that the flowers for Miss Otto were well received and appreciated.

Holiday Party: Jill next reported on the Holiday party. It will take place from 12:00-2:00 pm on December 15th in the Tower Room. The Library will have a separate party from Kiewit, as this was already agreed upon in January of this year. Jill had a long list of caterers and has gleaned 4 strong candidates, with two alternatives. She is in the process of getting quotes from the following caterers, Inn at Idlewood, Patrick Henry’s, Riverside Grill, and the Hanover Co-op. Two alternatives are Bloods Seafood, and Bear Bones, from the Third Rail restaurant. Jill mentioned that many caterers were reluctant to cater our event due to the staff contributions of appetizers and desserts, as their liability insurance might not be able to cover any food related illness, because of the outside contributions. The board felt that we should eliminate staff contributions of appetizers due to the food poisoning risk, and only request desserts. It was agreed that a balanced menu of both traditional foods, and gourmet type foods, in finger size, with 2 vegetarian and at least one chicken dish was preferable. We agreed to plan for 250 people and also felt that water should also be a liquid refreshment in addition to coffee and punch. It was agreed, with the extra money from the College that Jill could work with a $3500.00 catering budget. There was some discussion of the decorations, many felt that no new ones needed to be purchased, as there is a large amount of them already. Jill requested that any other ideas the board might have should be emailed to her.

Fall General Meeting: The board felt the Fall General meeting should be held at Collis, and that a meeting in early November would be ideal, so more can be recruited to help with the upcoming Crafts Sale, and Holiday Party. Jim will contact Collis about possible dates.

Crafts Fair: Jim distributed an information sheet from Barbara Krieger, the Crafts Fair will be held on Friday November 17th from 10-4 at Collis Common Ground.