August 18, 2000 word file

Present: Beth Bryden, Barb Bushor, Mimi Curphey, Jim Fries, Derika Hermann, Julie McIntyre, Nancy Markee, Matt Wiencke, Jill Wilcox

The meeting was called to order at 11:10 am. Jim Fries introduced Mimi Curphey who was present as a department liaison.

  1. Holiday Party – Barb Bushor led discussion about the Holiday Party. She suggested that planning begin soon and that Computer Services be included. Jim Fries will talk with John Crane about who all should be included in the party and then a location will be determined. A tentative date of Friday Dec. 15th was set. Matt Wiencke discussed the budget.
  2. Awards Banquet – Collis Common Ground has been reserved for the Awards Banquet on September 13, noon – 1:30 pm. Jill Wilcox had looked at the records from last year and noted that Gondola Deli catered at a cost of $864.50, while Lou’s provided beverages for $197.50. Jill will meet with Gondola Deli to discuss catering for this year. Jill will order tablecloths in bulk from White River Paper. She suggested having someone responsible for a head count at DCLSA events so that it would be easier to plan for the following year. There was discussion about flowers. Last year $231.00 was spent for table bouquets which were then given to people whose names were drawn at the end of the program. Deb Agnoli was not happy with the Norwich Flower Shop last year and had suggested trying another florist this year. Jim Fries volunteered to check on the number of tables that will be needed for food, for seating, and for the front. Bill Ghezzi is making the awards.

Set-up crew will include: Jim Fries, Mimi Curphey, Julie McIntyre, Jill Wilcox
Clean-up crew will include: Nancy Markee, Derika Hermann, Eric Alstrom

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am. The next meeting will be scheduled shortly after Labor Day.

Respectfully submitted,
Derika Hermann