July 26, 2000 word file

Present: Jim Fries, Brian Dellinger, Nancy Markee, Matt Wiencke, Jill Wilcox, Derika Hermann

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 pm.

  1. Setting Executive Board Meeting Time - Jim Fries asked what is a good time for the DCLSA Executive Board to meet. Members present agreed that Tuesday or Thursday afternoons at 2:15 would probably be best. Jim will check with members who were not present to see which day is preferred. He plans to have meetings once a month for now, possibly increasing to twice a month if needed in the future.
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Matt Wiencke presented the Treasurer’s Report. He explained that although his report currently shows only 2 accounts, there is a new account recently established by John Crane. The College will deposit $7,000 into this account each year. Most larger expenses will be paid from the new account. In order to be reimbursed from this account, a paper receipt will be needed for any expense over $50.00, and it will take about 3 business days for money to be obtained from the account.
  3. Search for a Social Committee Chair – Jill Wilcox is considering becoming Social Committee Chair. Jim Fries and other Board members present outlined the responsibilities of the Social Committee Chair which consist primarily of helping to plan the following: the Spring and Fall General Meetings; the Holiday Party; and retirement parties as needed.
  4. Brief Review of Important LSA Events – Jim Fries outlined the yearly events of the LSA.

    a) Awards Banquet – usually held mid-September. The date may need to be adjusted this year to accommodate the Baker/Berry move schedule. Jim will check with John Crane regarding this. Then he will check with Collis. This is a luncheon meeting. (It was catered by Gondola Deli last year.) The Administrative Office of the Library will generate a list of names of employees due for awards. Bill Ghezzi will then make the certificates.

    b) Crafts Fair – held in November at Collis. Barb Krieger is in charge of this.

    c) Fall General Meeting – held in December at Collis.

    d) Holiday Party – in December.

    e) Spring General Meeting – held in June at Collis.

  5. Archiving of Minutes from Previous DCLSA Meetings – Lisa Ladd had asked about archiving the DCLSA minutes from previous years. Jim thinks that Special Collections agreed to do this. He will check further with Lisa about it.
  6. Review of Invitees to DCLSA Meetings – Jim and other Board members present reviewed who should be invited to attend the DCLSA Executive Board meetings. This should include the Officers, Members-at-Large, Department Liaisons, and Committee Chairs. Jim will check with Goodie Corriveau as to whether she wishes to continue as Scholarship Chairperson. He will also check with Debra Agnoli regarding continuing as the Welfare Committee Chairperson. Juli Hincks-Babcock has left the library so a replacement will be needed for her on the Executive Board. Jim will check with John Cocklin as to who had the next most number of votes for Member-at-Large, and that person will be asked to fill in for the rest of Juli’s term.
  7. Staff Kitchen in Baker – A question had arisen within Baker as to whether the DCLSA provides for dish soap and other supplies. Derika will ask Kim Wheeler how she obtained the supplies for the previous year. Matt will also check his records as to whether the DCLSA was buying these supplies.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:37 pm. The next meeting will be scheduled for sometime in August.

Respectfully submitted,
Derika Hermann