May 10, 2000 word file

Present: John Cocklin, Barb Krieger, Nancy Markee, Mimi Curphey, Bill Ghezzi, Coodie Corriveau, Christina Hinck, Deb Agnoli, Juli Hincks-Babcock, Steve Snyder.

The minutes were approved with one correction.

President’s Report: After a great job, Kim Wheeler has resigned as the cleaner of the staff-room kitchen. John will try to find a replacement by sending out a message to the staff.

John had a meeting recently with Corky Scott, who confirmed that FO&M could close the staff-room door at 5 and on weekends. He also said, however, that the coffee-machine can not be moved out of the staff kitchen, either into the room with the other vending machines (because of space limitations) or the hallway (because of construction). So, locking the staff-room door would mean losing the revenue from the coffee machine. A vote on the matter will be held at the Spring General Meeting.

John also spoke with John Crane about the vending machine proceeds, which the Association has not been receiving for the past few months. John Crane is looking into it.

Scholarship Committee: One scholarship has been awarded since the last meeting, for academic purposes.

Welfare Committee: One condolence bouquet has been given since the last meeting.

Crafts Fair Committee: Barb Krieger raised the issue of the space fee charged to returning, non-library crafters, since she’ll be sending out applications next month with a deadline of July. Barb explained that most crafts fairs charge the crafters either a space fee or a percentage of sales, but not both; on the other hand, charging a space fee gives the Association money up-front, for publicity, etc. Barb recommended keeping the $10 space fee we currently charge, but deducting it from the percentage we collect (currently 15%). The motion was passed unanimously. Barb also noted that, last year, the “group” library table could have used more volunteers, whereas the monitors were not used much. She recommended that some of the monitors work at the group table next year.

New Business: John brought up a snag that occurred in the election for new officers this year. According to the constitution, the ballot is supposed to be sent out on the second Tuesday of May, but on that day this year (5/9), the nomination process was not yet complete and the ballot was not ready to be sent out. The board voted to extend the date for the mailing of ballots this year by 4 days.

The date for the Spring General Meeting was discussed. It was decided that the meeting should be held after commencement, reunion week, and the meeting of high school debaters the third week of June.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Christina Hinck
6/27/00 [Final]