February 9, 2000 word file

Present: John Cocklin, Steve Snyder, Barb Krieger, Mimi Curphey, Goodie Corriveau, Jim Fries, Christina Hinck, Nancy Markee, Matt Wiencke

The meeting was called to order at 2:15.

Minutes: The minutes from 12/8/99 were approved with one correction.

Announcements: Goodie Corriveau has volunteered to be the Scholarship Committee Chair, replacing Kathleeen Kidd who has offered to keep the DCLSA web site updated. The position of social chair still needs to be filled: ideally, this person would help make arrangements for the Fall and Spring General Meetings and the Awards Banquet, as well as other social events.

President’s Report: John reported that he is planning to speak with John Crane about developing a consistent funding policy for water supplies for all the staff lounges. The Fall General Meeting went well and had a good turnout, partly because John sent out special invitations to all the new staff people. This gave the new staff a chance to learn about the DCLSA and its activities as well.

Treasurer’s Report: Matt went over the most recent report, which included itemized expenses for the Holiday Party, Fall Meeting, etc. Total assets are just a little under last year’s at this time.

Scholarship Committee: Goodie reported nine scholarship requests since the beginning of January, six for academic classes and three for FLIP classes.

Welfare Committee: No report.

Holiday Party Committee: John expressed his thanks to Barb Bushor, Marianne Wilson and others for their hard work in putting the party together. The caterers this year fell short in some areas (late delivery, not enough people to cart the food, bad mozzarella balls), but the Association was credited for these problems. John reported Barb Bushor’s observation that not as many people volunteered this year as in years past, and that many of the same people wind up doing the work every year. Next year, John and Jim Fries will meet with John Crane before the party, and then the executive board should meet with Barb Bushor to discuss how to remedy this problem. Someone also suggested using a microphone next year for the door-prize announcements, since some people this year couldn’t hear their names being called.

New Business: John noted that last year, the social chair organized several activities during the spring, including a bus trip to the Boston Flower Show. Since we still lack a social chair, Steve Snyder volunteered to look into the possibility of organizing a similar trip this year. Also, regarding activities to help staff deal with Baker-Berry stress, John will look into the possibility of showing an STDC video, perhaps in the Treasure Room as a brown-bag lunch event, with the DCLSA providing drinks. Jim Fries suggested that it might be good for the DCLSA to join with the STDC for this or similar presentations. The Baker-Berry Change Committee might also be planning some things; Bill Ghezzi would know more about this. John asked anyone with ideas about other activities to blitz him.

Steve Snyder suggested that, with all the new employees, it might be a good idea to take photographs for a staff “face book.” It was noted that staff photos can already be found on the web.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Hinck
4/13/00 [Final]