December 8, 1999 word file

Present: John Cocklin (chair), Beth Bryden, Kathleen Kidd, Nancy Markee, Matt Wiencke, Christina Hinck, Mimi Curphey

The meeting was called to order at 2:15.

Minutes: The minutes from 11/10/99 were approved with one correction.

Announcements: John announced that Juli Hincks-Babcock has resigned as the DCLSA webmaster. Kathleen Kidd offered to take over.

President’s Report: John went over the details of the Fall General Meeting, to be held on Friday, 12/10/99. Collis Common Ground is booked from 10-12:30. The set-up (laying down tablecloths, etc.) will be from 10-10:30; the meeting from 10:30 to about 11:30; and the clean-up from 11:30 to 12:30. John also went over the agenda for the meeting, which will include John Crane’s introduction of new employees and the various committee reports.

Treasurer’s Report: Matt reported that the Association is in very good financial shape, following the successful crafts fair. He also explained, in response to a question, that the money for illness and bereavement bouquets comes from the DCLSA’s funds, and does not need to be raised by individual library social committees. Also, this money should not come from the $100 given to each library from Association funds annually , which is meant to be used for buying staff room items. All requests for bouquets should be sent to the chair of the Welfare Committee (currently Deb Agnoli). Another question arose regarding which fund the money for staff room water cooler supplies comes from. This issue needs to be clarified, and John will look into it.

Welfare Committee: No report.

Scholarship Committee: Kathleen Kidd reported one request since the last report. She noted that there have been no requests for money for FLIP classes in the last six months. There was a general feeling that some staff members may not be aware that scholarship funds can be used for this purpose, and more publicity might be helpful.

Crafts Fair Committee: Barb Krieger was not able to be present but submitted a report, including a brief financial review (this year was the most profitable ever, slightly more than last year), and some suggestions gathered from participants. Areas the crafters felt could be improved were the lighting and the publicity. Barb does not think much can be done about the lighting, because of the height of the ceiling in Collis, but she recommended that the Committee increase publicity next year by sending more posters to administrative offices, student organizations, etc. The date for next year’s fair has already been chosen: 11/17/2000. Mimi suggested that a reminder be sent out to library staff next year that they are authorized to spend one hour volunteering at the fair.

Holiday Party Committee: John reported for Barb Bushor on the progress of the preparations. Room set-up has been ordered from FO&M and invitations have been sent out. John is lining up punch-servers, and he will get a check from Matt soon so that he can pay the caterers on the day of the event.

Old Business: John brought up a suggestion made by Barb Bushor, that the library participate in a program run by the Listen Center to collect presents for families during the holidays. Beth Bryden said that Dana participated this year: Dana’s social committee got a list of needs from Listen and purchased presents from money given by staff members, before a 12/6 deadline. It was decided that a library-wide participation in this program should be discussed in early fall of next year.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Hinck
2/11/00 [Final]