November 10, 1999 word file

Present: John Cocklin (chair), Mimi Curphey, Christina Hinck, Beth Bryden, Kathleen Kidd, Nancy Markee, Joyce Blunt, Steve Snyder, Debra Agnoli

The meeting was called to order at 2:15.

Minutes: The minutes from 10/13/99 were approved as written.


President’s Report: John reported that Karen Shepard, from Human Resources, will be speaking at the Spring General Meeting rather than the Fall one. The Board discussed several dates for the Fall meeting and chose Thursday, December 9, since it falls during intersession and so is better for people in Public Services.

John also reported talking with John Crane about Marianne Hraibi’s suggestions regarding a couple of Baker-Berry issues. Her first idea—that staff members be given coupons for free coffee or other drinks, to help relieve some of the potentially stressful impact of the renovation and move—will be looked into by the Berry Baker Change Committee. The other suggestion—using proceeds from the Cybercafe to benefit all Berry-Baker staff, as a way of continuing the DCLSA’s unique association with the vending machines—will be passed along to Dining Services, since the Cybercafe will be under their management.

Treasurer’s Report: John reported that the November report, distributed earlier, looks good, and that the Association has what it needs for the Holiday party.

Scholarship Committee: There have been no new requests.

Welfare Committee: Deb Agnoli sent out some bereavement bouquets, and some bouquets to people in the hospital as well.

Crafts Fair Committee: Volunteers are still needed for setup and cleanup. To publicize the fair, Joyce Blunt has placed ads in It’s Classified and other papers; posters have been put up at the hospital and in the library departments; and Mimi has notified the residents of Kendall, some of whom attended last year. A blitz message will also be sent out to library staff just before the fair.

Old Business:

Scholarship Guidelines: John checked the Constitution for guidelines regarding scholarship eligibility requirements, but found none. Kathleen recommended that eligibility be limited to library staff with one year of continuous service to the library, rather than simply the college, since the funds for scholarships come from money raised by staff members. The board agreed, and voted to amend the guidelines on the scholarship application form to read as follows:

“Application shall be open to all full-time or part-time permanent employees of the library with at least one year of continuous service in the Dartmouth College Library system.”

Holiday Party Music: Bill Ghezzi wants to book Fred Haas, a jazz pianist. His fee is $250, which is $50 less than the musician’s fee last year. The board approved.

Future Social Events:
Deb Agnoli suggested that a movie called “Humor Your Stress” might be a good one to show during the upcoming Baker renovation period. John suggested “Desk Set” as another possibility for a lunchtime movie. A social chair is still needed to organize these kinds of events; John encouraged everyone to keep recruiting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Hinck
12/10/99 [Final]