October 13, 1999 word file

Present: John Cocklin (chair), Mimi Curphey, Juli Hincks-Babcock, Christina Hinck, Steve Snyder, Jim Fries, Bill Ghezzi, Nancy Markee, Matt Wiencke

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 PM.

Minutes: The minutes from 9/8/99 were approved with one correction.


President’s Report: John received good feedback from people after the Awards Banquet last month, and he thanked everyone for their efforts. The Fall General Meeting will be held soon; John is working with the DCLSA’s Human Resources liaison to find a time that would be good for her to speak. Possible locations for the meeting are Collis, Alumni Hall and Carpenter, but since food is allowed in Collis and some areas of Carpenter one of those would probably be best.

A problem with the Web page occurred because the old DND address was deleted, but it was fixed when Beth Bryden hooked up a new address:
An alternative address is simply DCLSA.

Treasurer’s Report: Matt Wiencke summarized the report for October, distributed earlier. Total assets are about $400 less than last year at this time, but funds from the Crafts Fair and the vending machine should help out soon. The books have been balanced again.

Scholarship Committee: John reported that eight scholarships have been given out since the last Executive Board meeting, and that a question has arisen about the eligibility requirements. The scholarship guidelines state that anyone with at least one year of continuous service is eligible to apply, but they don’t specify whether this applies to service at the library or simply Dartmouth. John will check the Constitution, and the board will make a decision at the next meeting.

Welfare Committee: No report.

Crafts Fair Committee: The Crafts Fair on November 19th is still in need of volunteers. Juli Hincks-Babcock and Goodie Corriveau will be running the bake table, and Juli will send out a blitz message asking people to contribute food.

Holiday Party Committee: The committee met last week and finalized the choice of caterer (Endless Possibilities) and menu. The cost will be about $3000, which the Board approved, and which includes delivery of the food and seven chafing units but not servers to tend the food or certain items such as drinks, rolls and hors d’oeuvres. DCLSA liaisons will be sending out sign-up sheets asking people to contribute hors d’oeuvres or desserts. The date of the party is December 17th.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:55.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Hinck
11/11/99 [Final]