September 8, 1999 word file

Present: John Cocklin (chair), Barb Krieger, Joyce Blunt, Barb Sagraves, Jim Fries, Matt Wiencke, Bill Ghezzi, Nancy Markee, Kathleen Kidd, Mimi Curphey, Christina Hinck, Ridie Ghezzi

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 PM.

Minutes: The minutes from 8/11/99 were approved as written.


President's Report: The certificates for the Awards Banquet have been made and the frames purchased. Volunteers are still needed for set-up and clean-up. To publicize the event, John distributed paper copies of the invitation which he sent out earlier via Blitzmail to all staff members.

Treasurer's Report: Matt Wiencke distributed the Treasurer's Report for September 3. He noted that while the Association's assets have dropped a bit, sales from the vending machine should be bringing more money in soon. John thanked Matt for balancing the books.

Scholarship Committee: Kathleen Kidd reported one new request for scholarship money.

Welfare Committee: No report.

Crafts Fair Committee: Barb Krieger reported that she has received 17 positive replies to the first set of invitations she sent out, to library staff and to outside crafters who have participated in the past. On Monday she will send out a set of 17 additional invitations, to outside crafters who have not participated in the fair before. So far eight people have volunteered to help at the fair, but a total of 18 volunteers will be needed.

Regarding the fee issue, John stated that while the Board's recommendation to make the fee refundable will be followed this year, the Board may wish to reconsider the issue next year.

Holiday Party Committee: The first meeting of the committee was held on September 1, with Barb Bushor as chair. At that meeting people volunteered to head the various subcommittees (food, entertainment, decorations, room set-up, etc.). The party will be held on December 17, the date voted on by the Board and approved by the main office. John reported that the main office did not approve the suggestion to close down public services during the party, but that it will be providing $350 for the party. Also, while the party this year will be for library staff only, next year it might include the computing services staff as well.

Old Business:

Baker-Berry Discussion: John spoke further with Marianne Hraibi about her concerns regarding the effects of the Berry-Baker move on the DCLSA and the library staff in general. She had two specific suggestions:

  1. If the funds which the DCLSA gets from the vending machine go down when the new Cyber Café is built, perhaps the DCLSA could receive a percentage of the Cyber Café profits.
  2. If this is not feasible, perhaps staff members could at least get coupons from the Café for discounts on coffee or other items.
John will discuss these suggestions with John Crane and the main office.


New Business:

Holiday Party Leftovers: Barb Sagraves raised the issue of what to do with the anticipated leftovers from the Holiday Party. She noted that while it would be nice to give this food to a needy organization, there are safety issues involved which could pose a threat to the recipients, especially if they are weak or elderly. Unlike caterers, the library does not have special containers to keep hot foods hot and move them safely. There is even a liability issue to consider, if someone should get sick after eating the leftovers. A motion was made to allow people to take leftovers home with them, but not to organize any special effort on the library's part to get them to another location. The motion was passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Hinck [Final; 10/15/99]