August 11, 1999 word file

Present: John Cocklin (chair), Joyce Blunt, Christina Hinck, Bethany Bryden, Bill Ghezzi, Juli Hincks-Babcock, Nancy Markee, Mimi Curphey, Jim Fries

The meeting was called to order at 2:15 PM.

Minutes: The minutes from 5/19/99 were approved as written.
The minutes from 7/21/99 were approved with two corrections.

Announcements: John announced that Beth Bryden has agreed to serve as a new Member-at-large, and Jim Shain as the new Liaison from Information Systems. Also, Barb Bushor will be chairing the Holiday Party Committee this year, and Kim Wheeler has agreed to clean the kitchen area of the staff lounge.


President's Report: Preparations have begun for the DCLSA Awards Banquet on September 14. John is working with the caterers, Gondola and Lou's. Bill Ghezzi will be making the certificates. John will be sending out a blitz message asking for volunteers to help set up around 11 AM and to clean up at 2 PM.

A staff member has asked whether the new staff room soda machine could be stocked with a wider variety of sodas. John has spoken to the appropriate people about this problem and it will be remedied..

John asked for a volunteer to post announcements, etc. to the DCLSA BlitzMail Bulletin Topic. Juli Hincks-Babcock agreed to handle this.

Treasurer's Report: Copies of the Treasurer's Report for June 18 and July 20 were distributed and approved with a few minor corrections. The Association's assets are a little lower than they were last year at this time, but this shouldn't be a significant problem.

Scholarship Committee: There have been no new requests since the last meeting.

Welfare Committee: No report.

Holiday Party Committee: The first meeting will be held in September.

Old Business:

Crafts Fair: A question was raised about the number of applications being sent out, as reported in last month's minutes. Christina will check with Barb Krieger about this.

Joyce Blunt recommended that the $10 entry fee be kept unchanged (and not made refundable, as the Board recommended at its last meeting), since the fee was used last year to defray the cost of newspaper ads for the fair.

Spring Bus Trip: There were a few problems with the one last year (cancellations, refunds, etc.) Discussion of whether or not to hold one next year was tabled until a later date.

New Business:

Holiday Party Recommendations: Last year, the hot foods were served in heavy pans that staff members found somewhat cumbersome. Barb Bushor's suggestion that lighter, finger foods be served this year was voted down, in favor of paying the caterer to do the carting. (Student help was also considered, but it's difficult to find during intersession.)

The Board also approved the following:

  • Endless Possibilities as the caterer
  • The Tower Room as the location
  • Allocation of money for entertainment (the same as or less than last year)
  • Allocation of money for decorations
John will get the figures from last year's party for discussion at a later point.


Baker-Berry Discussion: At one of the general meetings, a staff member suggested that the DCLSA do more to ease the Berry-Baker transition for staff members. In a discussion of this suggestion the following points were made:

  • It is the mission of the Berry-Baker Change Committee to help make this transition smooth for staff
  • The DCLSA has a liaison to the Change Committee (Bill Ghezzi)
  • The DCLSA will be having an event in the spring that it might be able to tie in with the move somehow.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:10.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Hinck [Final; 9/9/99]