July 21, 1999 word file

Present: John Cocklin (chair), Debra Agnoli, Steve Snyder, Kathleen Kidd, Barbara Sagraves, Mimi Curphey, Nancy Markee, Laura Gillespie, Christina Hinck

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 PM.

Minutes: The minutes from 3/17/99 were approved as written.

Announcements: Mimi announced that Kim Wheeler has offered to clean the kitchen area of the staff lounge on a regular basis (the rest of the staff lounge is cleaned by FO&M).


President’s Report: John distributed copies of the DCLSA constitution, with a reminder that it’s available on the Association’s Web page as well.

The Annual DCLSA Awards Banquet has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 14, 1999, at Collis Common Ground. The event will run from 12 to 2:00 PM, and the awards will be given around 12:30. Certificates, frames, and a caterer will be needed; John will look into making arrangements for these. Deb Agnoli suggested that flower arrangements be purchased for each table and raffled off to staff members at the end of the banquet, as was done last year. This was agreed to and Deb volunteered to take care of it.

John will be contacting the DCLSA liaisons to find out whether they’re willing to serve for another year. He’ll also be recruiting a new liaison from Information Systems.

Treasurer’s Report: To be distributed via blitz-mail. John reported for Matt Wiencke that the Association is in good financial shape.

Scholarship Committee: Kathleen Kidd reported that there have been three requests for scholarships since the beginning of the new fiscal year.

Welfare Committee: Deb Agnoli received one flower request for an ill staff member.

Crafts Fair Committee: John read a note from Barb Krieger, who is sending out application forms to crafters for the upcoming fair. They are being sent to:

  1. DCLSA liaisons, for distribution to staff;
  2. 26 outside crafters who participated last year and expressed a desire to return;
  3. approximately 14 other outside crafters.
The deadline for the return of applications is August 31.


New Business:

Open Member-at-large position: Since Ron Chabot has left the library, there is a Member-at-large vacancy. According to the DCLSA Constitution (Article 6), "the Executive Board shall fill any vacancy arising in its own membership." After a discussion which included one constitutional author, a motion was made to fill the position with the nominee who had received the second highest number of votes. This motion was passed unanimously.

Program and Social Committee Chairs: Both these positions are open now. The Social Committee Chair handles arrangements for staff meetings and parties, whereas the Program Committee Chair sets up educational talks. Since these two roles have sometimes been combined in the past, it was decided that the Social Committee Chair should be recruited first, and then a Program Committee Chair can be recruited if necessary. John encouraged everyone to recruit.

Schedule of Monthly Meetings: John will blitz people to see whether the second Wednesday of every month, from 2:15 to 3:15, is a good regular meeting time.

Fee Issue of Crafts Fair: Barb Krieger raised this issue in her message. Currently, outside crafters are charged a $10 entry fee as well as 15% of sales; last year, some people complained about this. Barb suggested that we eliminate one charge or the other, preferably the entry fee, in order to bring our policy more into line with that of other crafts fairs. In the discussion that followed, the board recommended that the fee be kept (in order to discourage no-shows) but turned into a refundable security deposit. This issue will also be discussed at a future meeting with Barb Krieger in attendance.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:40.

Respectfully submitted,
Christina Hinck
[Final; 8/12/99]