January 20, 1999

Present: Barb Sagraves, MiMi Curphey, Emily Soden, John Cocklin, Nancy Markee, Joyce Blunt, Debra Agnoli, Barb Krieger, Bill Ghezzi, Kathleen Kidd, Penny Tyson

The meeting was called to order at 2:22pm

Minutes: The minutes from 12/09/99 were approved .


President: Barb reminded everyone that liaisons who are collecting money for a co-worker's gift/function are to remember that the money is the department's responsibility, not the DCLSA Treasurer's or the DCLSA Executive Board's.

Treasurer's Report: None

Crafts Fair Committee: MiMi announced that the 1999 Craft Fair will be held in Collis Common Ground Friday November 19th, 1999

Scholarship: Kathleen reported that there were 7 requests.

Welfare: Debra asked the Board for advice on how to proceed when donations were requested instead of flowers. If circumstances required that the recipient was obliged to travel, would having the plant/flower arrangement delivered to their desk at work when they returned be acceptable? This was discussed and the Board decided that Debra should feel free to operate on a case-by-case method. If donations were asked for in lieu of flowers then the amount to be spent on the arrangement would be given to the charity requested. If there is no such request then co-workers can be asked as to what the absent recipient would like a donation or a plant/lowers when they return.

Social: Emily brought in some information on the Flower Show in Boston this March. The theme this year is "Artistry in the Garden" The cost of the bus trip will be $16 and tickets for the Flower Show are also $16. The Board decided that when sending out the announcement regarding the trip, Computing Services should be included along with all Library staff. Emily will be blitzing out about this.

Old Business: None

New Business: Barb announced that Patrick Foley, a former employee had been diagnosed with leukemia. The Board agreed that something should be done to help defray his cost and everyone would like to help in some way. The question posed was what form should this help take. A raffle was suggested as well as a bake sale. Different libraries could have one and compete to raise the most money.

Barb Kreiger, Debra Agnoli and Joyce Blunt will be the committee for this venture

The next DCLSA meeting is scheduled for February 17, 1999

The Meeting was adjourned at 3:03pm.

Respectfully submitted,
-Penny Tyson
2/17/99 [final]