December 9, 1998

Present: Barb Sagraves, Cheryl Burns, Emily Soden, John Cocklin, Juli Hinks-Babcock, Barb Krieger, Bill Ghezzi, Ridie Ghezzi, MiMi Curphey, Nancy Markee, Deb Sicard, Penny Tyson

Minutes of 11/11/98 were approved with one correction.

Announcements: Barb announced that John Cocklin had said there was an announcement about the sale at the Hardware store with discounts for Dartmouth staff.

President's Report: The combination door lock has been installed on the Baker Staff Lounge Door. There was some surprise expressed among staff members regarding the lock. Barb pointed out that the liaisons need to share the information given out at the DCLSA Executive Board meetings with their departments so people will be better informed. Barb will be sending out reminders to the liaisons. She also received a nice thank you from Special Collections for the sponsored coffee break.

Treasurer's Report: Deb Sicard's report was approved. Barb Perry will be receiving $25 on her departure. Mark Mounts and Helga Shearer are also leaving the library system so the DCLSA expects to hear from their respective departments.

Scholarships: Barb reported that one scholarship is pending.

Craft Fair: MiMi Curphey reported that the Craft Fair made $9,000 with $1,600+ profit for the DCLSA. A discussion ensued concerning when the Fair should be as well as how many crafters could come and how some of the traffic patterns in the room require more study. MiMi will reserve Collis Commonground for the week before Thanksgiving 1999. The Board once again extended many thanks to Joyce Blunt & MiMi Curphey for all their hard work on the 1998 Craft Fair.

Welfare Committee: No report

Social Committee: Emily stated that the Holiday Party is Friday 12/11/98 12-2pm. Left-overs will be on a take-home basis. There are 30 items to be raffled. Emily and Meghan are still collecting for the Haven and will keep the collection box out in the Baker Staff Lounge for another week.

Old Business: None.

New Business:

Craft Fair Profits: Originally when it was a small affair the Craft Fair profits went into the Scholarship Fund. Now that the Fair has grown considerably, only about 20% of profits go to the Scholarship fund and the rest goes toward other DCLSA funds. The information about scholarships is on the Web page and also in an explanatory leaflet that is placed in the Library information folders each new employee receives.

The present status of the scholarships is; that each submission receives $25, with up to 3 submissions per year or $75 total per year. Barb said she will blitz out and remind people that the money is available and pose the question as to whether or not the amount of scholarship money for each submission should be raised. Barb will blitz out after the Holiday party/break.

Berry-Baker Change Committee: Members of the BBCC may want to meet with the DCLSA Board and talk about surprises for each department as morale boosters. This discussion was tabled.

Donut/Bagel Day : This was discussed and it was noted that some of the benefits would be that it would make money and get people together. The table would be open for business from 9-11 am and the commitment would be strictly for food. This discussion was tabled until after the Holiday break.

The Meeting was adjourned at 3:23pm

Respectfully submitted,
Penny Tyson 1/10/99 [final]

Revised: 24-Feb-99 (mej)