November 11, 1998

Present: Barb Sagraves, Joyce Blunt, Bill Ghezzi, John Cocklin, MiMi Curphey, Deb Sicard, Nancy Markee, Emily Soden, Kathleen Kidd, Cheryl Burns, Juli Hincks-Babcock, Penny Tyson

The meeting was called to order at 2:20pm

Minutes: The minutes from 10/14/98 were approved .


President: Barb stated Lois Krieger is distributing the pages for the Memory Book for Bob Jaccaud. Staff should see their liaisons to add their name and message

Suzy Schwoerke will be retiring soon. Her department will let the DCLSA know what she would like the board to do.

Barb also read down a list of topics the Board might wish to re-visit in the future. These included:

  • The distribution of the proceeds from the DCLSA Crafts Fair
  • The monetary size of scholarships
  • A DCLSA sponsored "Donut Day"

Treasurer's Report: The report was read and accepted.

Crafts Fair Committee: MiMi & Joyce reported there are 31 tables and 7 crafters on the group table. There has been a great deal of publicity from posters, announcements in the "D", the Valley News and on the Dartmouth radio. Penny volunteered to send out the final reminder on the actual day of the Fair.

Scholarship: One scholarship has been requested.

Welfare: No report

Social Committee: Emily reminded everyone that the Holiday Party is to be held on December 11. Preparations are proceeding. People are coming forward to help but more help would be appreciated. "Endless Possibilities" will be catering this year's Party and their menu looks wonderful. Bill Ghezzi told the Board that a harpist will be playing for the time of the Party.

A sample invitation was passed around and was approved by the Board. Bev Mazzilli will be asked about numbers and the names and addresses of retirees.

New Business:

Barb told the Board that Jennifer Merrill had suggested that the DCLSA sponsor a coffee/tea break for the Staff at Special Collections during their move. This was discussed. A vote to have a sponsored break for Special Collection was taken and approved unanimously. Barb will speak to Phil Cronenwett about a time and the Social Committee will proceed from there.

The issue of students using the staff room during the evening hours was raised. Members reported students had been found sleeping on the couches, having "pizza parties" and generally taking up so much room staff members had no where to sit to take their own breaks/dinner hours. There was a suggestion that there be a combination lock, like the custodians have, put on the inner door. This way the students would still have access to the vending machines, but staff including custodians could enjoy their breaks in peace. Barb will follow this up with John Crane.

The Meeting was adjourned at 2:56pm.

Respectfully submitted,
-Penny Tyson
11-12-98 Final

Revised: 06 January, 1999 (mej)