October 14, 1998

Present: Barb Sagraves, Joyce Blunt, Ridie Ghezzi, John Cocklin, MiMi Curphey, Deb Sicard, Nancy Markee, Emily Soden, Kathleen Kidd, Cheryl Burns, Penny Tyson

The meeting was called to order at 2:20pm

Minutes: The minutes from 9/16/98 were approved .


Treasurer's Report: The report was accepted as it stands. Deb is following up on this.

Scholarship: One scholarship has been requested.

Crafts Fair Committee: MiMi & Joyce reported that as things stand there are 22 outside vendors and 13 library related. Joyce and MiMi will be posting calls for volunteers for setting-up, manning the library craft table and the bake table and helping clear up as well. MiMi showed the flyers that Barb Krieger made for the Event. These will be available at the Fall General Meeting for people to display in public areas.

Social Committee: Emily reported that there was a good turn out at the Continuing Education Program and she had received positive feedback about it. The refreshments for the Fall General Meeting have been arranged and the Holiday Party Committee continues to meet and plan.

Barb has been meeting with the Holiday Party Committee and they are currently discussing budget and menu ideas. Barb Bushor will give more details at the Fall General Meeting.

Old Business

Fall General Meeting: The room is booked and the food is organized

The Agenda is as follows

  • Announcements
  • Spring Minutes
  • Treasurer's report
  • New Employee Introductions - John Crane (John will also quickly discuss the Berry-Baker Change Committee)
  • Committee Reports
    - All committees will report.
  • President's Report
  • Other Business

New Business

Barb explained she had received a memo from Human Resources and John Crane asking her to find out if the Status field on the Dartmouth ID cards was used by any library staff and if not, would it be feasible to do away with this field on the ID cards.

Joyce Blunt and Nancy Markee immediately stated that the Status field was used for circulation purposes and was very important when charging materials out to patrons. Barb said she would contact John Crane and explain that the Library's needs and the uses of this field.

Barb reminded everyone that DCLSA announcements can be found on the Blitz Bulletins as well as the web page.

Barb also raised the topic of bus trips to Boston and whether people would still be interested, especially when the time for March Flower Show comes around as it is already too late to organize a trip for December Holiday shopping. Emily said she would look into the matter.

The Meeting was adjourned at 3:01pm.

Resentfully submitted,
Penny Tyson

Revised: 15 December, 1998 (mej)