September 16, 1998

Present: Barb Sagraves, Joyce Blunt, Ridie Ghezzi, John Cocklin, Debra Agnoli, Mimi Curphey, Bill Ghezzi, Deb Sicard, Nancy Markee, Juli Hincks-Babcock, Penny Tyson

The Meeting was called to order at 2:05 pm.

Minutes: The minutes from 8/19/98 were revised and approved.

Announcements: Everyone agreed that the Awards banquet was greatly enjoyed by all, especially in light of the feedback the committee has received from many members.


President: Barb is still working on the water cooler situation. Barb also re-iterated that the Members At Large were Joyce Blunt, Cheryl Burns, Ridie Ghezzi, Bill Ghezzi, Nancy Markee, and Juli Hincks-Babcock. A Social Committee has been formed! The Chair is Emily Soden. Gloria Dufield and Chris Dow will also be serving on that committee.

Treasurer's : The report was read and approved.

Scholarship: Deb Sicard reported for Kathleen Kidd that 3 scholarships had been given out.

Welfare: Debra commented that the Norwich Flower Shop had made beautiful bouquets for the Awards Banquet and recommended that the Norwich Flower Shop be used for the Holiday Party.

Social:Barb stated that Social Committee will be starting its duties immediately

Crafts Fair: Mimi and Joyce reported that so far there are 17 outside vendors and 11 library related. The preparations are going well and there is a great deal of variety among the vendors. Another reminder blitz will be sent out. The Event is scheduled for Friday, 13th November 1998 and Barb Krieger will be making the posters and post cards for it. Juli and Goodie will be sending out a blitz soon about the arrangements for the bake table.

Old Business:

The Awards Banquet received very positive feedback and Barb made a point of thanking the Board once more for all their hard work. John stated that he planned on putting together a "How-To" manual for succeeding Board Members.

Programs: Barb reported that John Crane had blitzed her and said that the video on the Life of Pulitzer was ready and all that was needed was a date for the showing. It will be a lunch-time, brown bag affair. Mimi suggested that people who have had experiences with the "Virtual Classroom" in pursuit of library degrees and other continuing education opportunities, might like to give a talk about it. Barb will follow up on this. Barb is working on a program about scrapbooks and preserving your family photographs. Juli reminded the Board about the programs available in the Print Shop.

Baker Staff Lounge Sink: has been declared a delight. The Board has received many positive responses from members over the improved state of the sink. Many thanks to all involved, especially Rosie Vanasse.

New Business:

Fall General Meeting: The date is set for Tuesday, October 20th, 1998, 10-11 am. John will arrange for the room in Collis and the Social committee will arrange for the coffee and pastries from Lou's.

The agenda will include:

  • Introducing any new staff
  • Introducing the new officers
  • Crafts Fair Update
  • Announcement of programs
  • Holiday Party report.

Barb Bushor and the committee are working with various people and things are moving along nicely.

Next Executive Board Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday ,October 14th 1998, 2:15 pm.

The Meeting Adjourned at 3:10 pm

Resentfully submitted,
Penny Tyson

Revised: 19 October, 1998 (mej)