August 19, 1998

Present: Barb Sagraves, John Cocklin, Nancy Markee, Kathleen Kidd, Ridie Ghezzi, Deb Sicard, Debra Agnoli, Mimi Curphey, Juli Hincks, Penny Tyson

Barb opened the meeting at 2:07. The minutes from 7/29/98 were corrected and approved.


Baker Staff Lounge/microwave - Barb informed the Board that she had received an e-mail from Corky Scott and the microwave in the Baker staff lounge will be replaced at the Library's expense.

Barb discussed music for the Holiday Party with Bill Ghezzi and is planning on giving Barb Bushor the go ahead to proceed with these plans, and also to look into getting a new caterer as the one from the previous party is no longer in business.

On behalf of Bill Ghezzi, Ridie Ghezzi asked if Deb Sicard could write Bill a check so that he might purchase the certificates for the Honorees at the Awards banquet.

Treasurer's Report: Deb Sicard circulated and summarized her report and it was accepted.

Scholarship Committee: Kathleen Kidd reported that there had been one request and the three previous requests had been given.

Welfare Committee: Debra Agnoli announced that there were three new employees

  • Ben Breyer - Baker Circulation and Stacks
  • Miguel Valladares - Humanities and Reference Bibliographer
  • Steve Snyder - Baker Circulation Technician

Baby bouquets have been sent and one bereavement donation has been made.

Social Committee: No committee has been formed yet, Barb is following up on it.

Crafts Fair: Mimi announced that they had received 12 entries, 4 of which are library related. They are still looking for more. They have set a tentative dead line for accepting crafters of 8/31/98 but this is flexible. Barb Krieger has requested a place to store items for the Craft Fair and Mimi will be checking with Mary G. at Baker Circ about this.


Awards Banquet: John Cocklin updated the Board on the progress. Gondola Deli will cater the banquet and the Board expressed its satisfaction with the menu. Coffee and hot water will be provided by Lou's. Barb read the list of invitations and the wording and color{green} was approved by the board. New employees [ new as of 9/10/97] receive a personal e-mail invitation to the banquet. There will be a drawing for the floral arrangement on each table. Barb is to get names from Bev.

Deb S. said she would take care of all the cake-related material and Ridie Ghezzi volunteered to help her.

John is going to find out more from Collis and he will handle the set-up with Ridie's help.


Members at Large: The Board went over the list of names and confirmed them.

Music Library/ Paddock: is looking into the purchase and maintenance of a water cooler.

A new presentation is being shown on PBS, a 2-part documentary video on the life of Joseph Pulitzer. Barb and John Crane are working on the possibility of having it shown here at the library.

A Programming Committee has yet to be formed for the DCLSA

Planned retirements and departures were briefly discussed.

The Fall General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20th. The Location and time are still being looked at.

The Vending Machines in Baker continue to bring in an ever increasing amount of cash to the DCLSA Account. Deb S. informed the Board of this trend and she will continue to monitor this advantageous situation.

The Sink in Baker Staff Lounge was declared disgusting. Dishes have been sitting unwashed in it since last week. Rosie V. is not obligated nor expected to wash dishes for the users of the Staff Lounge. Many people who are not part of the staff have been seen using this room. The Board approved the decision that Barb should put up a sign reminding users in no uncertain terms about this abuse of facilities. The Board also agreed that Rosie should be told that if there are any dishes left on Fridays that she should feel free to dispose of them however she sees fit to do so.

The Next Meeting of the DCLSA will take place Wednesday September 16th 1998 at 2:15 pm, location to be announced.

The Meeting adjourned at 3:15pm

Resentfully submitted,
Penny Tyson

Revised: 19-October-1998 (mej)