July 29, 1998

Present: Barb Sagraves [chair], John Cocklin, Kathleen Kidd, Ridie Ghezzi, Bill Ghezzi, Nancy Markee, Deb Sicard, Mimi Curphey, Penny Tyson

Barb opened the meeting at 2:05 pm. The minutes from the last meeting 6/8/98 were circulated and approved with two corrections.

Barb made the Announcements.

Copies of the DCLSA Constitution are available on the DCLSA web page or from the Secretary. The Constitution spells out each Board Members' duties.

Chairs from each committee were verified and Kathleen Kidd was welcomed as the Chair of the Scholarship committee

Department Liaisons were verified. Barb noted that liaisons are important as they help represent each department and give the Board input from each department

Barb has taken a class on how to post announcements on the Blitz Bulletins. She plans to use it actively this coming year. She suggested it as a place for posting general announcements like Meeting times, posting the Minutes of the Exec Board meetings, Scholarship, Craft Fair and other events. It was suggested that there ought to be an e-mail to the Library-Group announcing the move and encouraging people to monitor the Bulletin. Barb agreed to send out an e-mail to that effect.

Update on the Staff Lounge in Baker Barb announced that Rosie Vanasse had very kindly agreed to succeed Helga Low and perform assigned cleaning duties in the Baker Staff Room. This was effective July 1st 1998. Deb Sicard provided the Board with copies of these duties.

In related matters it was pointed out that one of the microwaves in the Baker Staff kitchen appeared to be broken, she wondered who was responsible for repairing/ replacing costs. Treasury notes were checked but nothing that stated the DCLSA was responsible for these costs. was indicated there. Barb stated that she would talk with Corky Scott on the matter

Treasurer's Report Deb Sicard circulated copies of the report and summarized it for the Board. Deb told the Board she would be transferring some funds into the checking account from the charge account so that interest would be earned. Barb requested that Deb monitor income from the vending machines to study any changes that occur during the construction and the later development of the Cybercafe. The Report was approved as presented.

Committee Reports

Craft Fair - Mimi informed the Board that letters were sent and so far they had received one return with a deposit. Joyce Blunt is to organize the In-House participates. Juli Hincks and Goodie Corriveau have agreed to head the bake table again for this year. There will also be a general table for staff who only wish to have a few things for sale

The Craft Fair will be held on Friday 13th on November 1998. Mimi reminded the board to tell people that if they are attending other craft fairs and see a particularly good table to bring in the business card so the Committee can send an invitation to the crafter.

Scholarship Committee - Kathleen told the Board that there had been 3 scholarships requested.

Welfare Committee - Deb Agnoli was not present so there was no report

Social Committee - Barb raised the point that there was no Social Committee and she felt that it was important to have one. Several names were suggested and Barb will contact each of these people to ask if they would like to serve on the social committee. Barb also said that she had spoken with Barbara Bushor and she had said that she would be willing to work on organizing the holiday party. The Holiday Party committee will include Bill Ghezzi, Bev Mazzilli and Barb Sagraves; ex officio

There was a discussion as to whether or not the DCLSA should pay for all the Holiday party and Awards Banquet. It was pointed out the DCLSA is unique in that it receives the vending machine moneys. Barb Sagraves will explore this further

Program Committee. This was tabled.

Retirements/Departure Ballot Results

John Cocklin reported that proposition #2 had received the most votes and will now be the DCLSA policy effective 7/29/98. The executive Board felt it should have this stated policy, while the Social Committee and the liaisons would be implementing any actions concerning retirement/departure. Barb will send out a group bulletin announcing this.

It was noted that this policy did not cover what the policy would be if the departure was due to termination.

Staff Awards Banquet.

John Cocklin reported that the banquet is to be held in Collis Wednesday September 9th, 1998 from 12-2 pm. Miss Otto will be present from 12-1 pm to assist with the awards presentation.

John has arranged for set-up with Collis and the Board agreed that the Caterer should be Gondola Deli who catered last years banquet. As before John planned to get the cake from Grand Union ad the DCLSA will pay for the soda. John also volunteered to take care of all the food arrangements and getting of certificate frames from Staples. Barb S. will get a list of award recipients and amounts. Bill Ghezzi offered to pick up the certificates from the Dartmouth Bookstore and Molly's and he will also make up the actual award certificates too.

Different types of invitations and who receives what kind was touched on as well.

Barb S. asked if there was any other business. Mimi reminded the Board that they needed to fix a date for the Fall General Meeting. This discussion was tabled until next meeting. The next meeting of the DCLSA Exec Board will be on Wednesday, August 19th 1998 at 2 pm

The Meeting was adjourned at 3:07 pm

Resentfully submitted,
Penny Tyson