June 8, 1998

Present: Bess Rowden (chair), Cherie Burns, Barb Sagraves, Joyce Blunt, Suzanne Semmes, Pat Iacuzzi, Ridie Ghezzi, Lois Krieger

Bess opened the meeting at 2:15. She said that she had thanked Monique Jones for keeping the DCLSA Web page current. Therese Blair had sent message of thanks; she was very pleased with the chair and plaque.

The minutes from the May meeting were approved.

Mark was away, so there was no treasurer's report.

Committee reports:

Crafts Fair: MiMi Curphey and Joyce Blunt will co-chair; Barb Krieger will help. Letters have already been sent out to outside crafters. There will be no central cashier, but we will still need volunteers. This year's fair will be held on Friday, November 13, from 10 to 4 in Collis. Bess thanked all on the Crafts Fair committee.

Social Committee: There currently is no Social Committee; should we have one? It fits our mission statement.

Scholarship Committee (Pat I.): One more scholarship had been awarded since the May meeting. The level of applications has remained consistent, although more are now given for non-academic courses than was previously the case. The fund is in good shape, but no one knows what effect the new CybercafŽ will have on the fund. Pat will present detailed figures on scholarships at the Spring General Meeting.

Welfare Committee: Deb could not attend, but sent a message that she had received a thank-you from Lynn Anderson for her retirement gift of a Dartmouth Bookstore gift certificate.

Old business:

Staff Room: Barb S. reported that someone was interested in doing the Staff Room cleaning job.

Nominations for next year's Board: Barb said that there was a good slate of candidates, and that she would send out a reminder to vote.

New business:

Bess has prepared the agenda for the Spring General Meeting; she thanked Barb for taking care of the refreshments.

We discussed Barb's proposed guidelines for DCLSA contributions and responsibilities concerning staff retirements and departures. The proposals will be brought up at the Spring General Meeting and can be amended after discussion before voting is done; some proposals may be eliminated, and additional ones may be suggested We should emphasize that the proposals concern only the Library Staff Association's role; departments can of course celebrate however they wish. Do the proposals address the issue of staff departures to other Library departments or to other offices in the College?

Committees: Cherie asked if committees (such as Social) had kept notes. Bess has a notebook with extensive notes on holiday parties; some notes are on disks.

We adjourned shortly before 3 PM.

Repectfully submitted,
Lois Krieger

*Revised and approved at DCLSA meeting 2 pm 7/29/98
Penny Tyson/Secretary 1998-1999*

Revised: 31 July, 1998 (mej)