May 21, 1998

Present: Bess Rowden (chair), MiMi Curphey, Pat Iacuzzi, Barb Sagraves, Penny Tyson, Bill Ghezzi, Mark Mounts, Lois Krieger

Bess opened the meeting at 2:15. She noted that the Board had received several thank-you notes. She distributed copies of the 1997 Craft Fair Committee and the list of discussion points for guidelines on DCLSA contributions for retirements or other staff departures. She distributed the agenda for old and new business items to be discussed following committee reports.

Secretary's report: Minutes from the April meeting were approved (with correction of several typos).

Treasurer's report: Accepted, pending audit. Mark noted that the questions brought up at the Fall General Meeting may still not be answered.

Committee reports:

Welfare: Deb Agnoli was not present; Bess had previously mentioned several gifts of flowers and thank-you notes.

Scholarship (Pat Iacuzzi): Two had been awarded since our last meeting; the total is little lower than last year. A full report will be presented at the Spring General Meeting. There have been no comments since the new guidelines were posted on the Web. Some issues such as scholarships for non-academic courses may be discussed at the Spring General Meeting.

Old Business:

Craft Fair: Joyce Blunt will volunteer if a co-chair also volunteers. Bess will send out another blitz asking for volunteers, emphasizing that the person will not have to do this solo.

Staff Room: Helga wuld like to relinquish this duty my mid-June but will stay on until we get someone else.

Berry/Baker Change Committee: Bill Ghezzi reported a positive response from the committee to the addition of a representative from the Board.

New business:

Nominations: Barb and Bess will meet before the next Board meeting (June 8) to draw up a ballot to be mailed out before the Spring General Meeting. Barb received a good number of nominations but hasn't yet been able to reach all of the nominees (many are on vacation) to confirm that they are willing to run.

Retirements/Departures: The issues discussed in Barb's report on guidelines will be discussed at the Spring General Meeting. The vote may take place at the meeting or by ballot afterwards. It was mentioned that this issue may come up more frequently in the near future. Does the administration have guidelines regarding gifts and other acknowledgments for retirements or departures, and if so, is this appropriate? The Board has occasionally (and mostly recently) made various contributions for non-retirement departures; has this set a precedent?

The meeting adjourned at approximately 3:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Lois Krieger

Revised: 8 June, 1998 (mej)